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Mrs. Ted Cruz Role in Presidential Election And Many Important Facts About Her

Heidi Suzanne Cruz or Mrs. Ted Cruz worked at Goldman Sachs, since 2012, as a managing director. She was born on 7 August 1972. She’s an American by nationality.


She completed her secondary education in 1990 from a boarding school at Monterey Bay Academy. She graduated from Phi Betta Kappa in 1994 by completing her BA in economics and internal relations. In 1995, she got masters degree for European business from Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. She recieved her 2nd degree from Harvard business school for MBA.

Personal Life

Heidi worked for Bush for President Campaign. There she met Ted Cruz. In 2001, they both married. Mrs. Cruz and her husband had two daughters: Caroline and Catherine.


She worked as an economic policy director at Bush for President Campaign in 2001. She began as a top deputy. In 2002, she served for the department of treasury. She learnt Spanish in between her jobs. From 2005 to 2011, she became the member of the council on foreign relations. In 2019, Trump cabinet interviewed her for the president of World Bank. She is the part of republican party.

Mrs. Ted Cruz

Mrs. Ted Cruz Role in Presidential Election

In 2016 presidential elections, she made multiple solo public appearances. She spoke on behalf of her husband, Ted Cruz. Members from opposition criticized her by saying that she is softening her husband’s image. She defended herself by stating that it is important for a person whose main obstacle was his tone. She did many campaigns. In 2016, Ted Cruz faced defeat against Donald Trump in Indiana.

Violating Governmental Guidelines

During the storm of February 2021, Cruz couple decided to move out of the country for a short vacation. They were being criticized for moving out in a pandemic and at the time of storm. They violate the government’s guidelines of COVID-19.

Controversy With Donald Trump

Donald Trump attacked Heidi through twitter. He compared Heidi’s looks with her wife Melania. It was a verbal assault occurred due to the rivalry between Trum and Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz replied him through twitter. He called him a coward as Trump tried to assault his wife.

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