Are you wondering if someone you know can die from Ramsay Hunt syndrome (RHS)? This question is likely to have been on your mind ever since Justin Bieber’s Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

This news about Justin’s condition has shocked Canada as well as the United States. This has led to many people wanting to know more about the condition. Continue reading to find out if Ramsay Hunt Syndrome can cause death.

Could Ramsay Hunt Syndrome cause death?

While it can affect any age, it is more common in younger people. Ramsay Hunt syndrome isn’t known to cause permanent brain damage or nerve damage. However, some people may experience permanent effects like facial paralysis or numbness.

RHS may cause severe sequelae if not treated quickly. Therefore, it is crucial to diagnose RHS and manage CP promptly. Ccranial polyneuropathy can lead to severe acute respiratory distress and other life-threatening illnesses.

What Is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome ??

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is an uncommon condition that can affect hearing and facial nerves. It causes temporary paralysis or weakness on one side, which makes it difficult to chew or swallow.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is characterized by fluid building up around the lymph nodes, or in how they drain fluid into nearby vessels. Fluid can build up around them and cause swelling and pressure in the nasal mucosa or frontalis muscles. Ramsay Hunt syndrome can affect both men and ladies equally. Continue reading for more information.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome –

Ramsay Hunt syndrome occurs after shingles. This is the same virus that causes chickenpox. Ramsay Hunt syndrome can also happen without shingles. This condition could also be caused by a tumour or infection around the ear.

It is a virus that lives in the body for most of your life and doesn’t cause problems. All people are infected at birth with herpes. When it enters nerves in the brain, spinal cord, or other parts of the body, it can cause symptoms like those seen in Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

Can You Die From Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?

Although symptoms of Ramsay Hunt syndrome can appear at any moment, they usually occur several days following an ear infection. Ramsay Hunt syndrome may be treatable but permanent hearing loss can occur in some people.

You should immediately seek medical assistance if you think that someone you care about has this condition.


Ramsay Hunt disease, a rare herpes infective syndrome, usually affects the face and acoustic nerve. Ramsay Hunt syndrome treatment will depend on your severity and if you have any other conditions. There are two options for treatment: medication or surgery.

Do you have any Ramsay Hunt Syndrome Treatment ideas? Please comment below.


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