Julia Rose and Jake Paul have been in an on and off relationship for some time now. Post his split from his ex wife, Jake Paul, the YouTuber and Boxer started dating the model Julia Rose. There was a news of their break up doing the rounds in the month of May, 2020 . However, it seems the pair got together soon after Julia was spotted in Jake’s amazing match.

Jake was also found confessing how heart broken he was post his break-up with the model. Soon after their first break the things were sorted between them and both made appearances together, even on their social media handles. But not for long. Just a month after Jake’s match, the two reportedly broke up yet again.

Julia’s relationshipsAre Julia Rose and Jake Paul the endgame?

Julia is remembered for her flashing incident in the baseball match. She reportedly flashed baseball player Gerrit Cole in world series finale 2019. Julia’s life is quite eventful. She started dating social media influencer Harry Jowsey after parting ways with the boxer. It seems that this relationship was also not destined forever. Harry and Julia broke up after the former accused the later of cheating him with her ex boyfriend Jake Paul. Phew! lots of break ups and heart breaks.

Are Julia Rose and Jake Paul the endgame?

Nevertheless, both Julia and Jake ridiculed the accusations calling them baseless. Julia spoke up on this issue further and claimed that she parted ways with Jowsey as she could sense the “red flags”.

Further into Julia and Jake’s relationshipAre Julia Rose and Jake Paul the endgame?

Later on, Julia once again made it to the headlines when she became assistant coach to Paul’s nemesis Joe Fournier. So once again the two were spotted in the same game, except this time on the different teams. Its obvious that Julia has a thing for drama and absolutely loves attention, is she behind the constant face off or are they the Endgame?  Lets see if there’s something more in store for Julia and Jake’s relationship or if this is it.

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