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Do you need to find the right app for your android device? Are you looking to find a website that provides various apps for android? If so, you have found the right website. This website allows you to download your preferred app. This page has become World popular.

We will be covering every aspect of Apkteca in this article. You can find more information about the legitimacy of Apkteca at Follow the link below to learn more.

More information on Apkteca website:

It’s a new website that lets users install the desired android apps. There are many android apps available. It allows you search for and to install your favorite android app. You can search the app or browse it by category.

Users can not only get their apps but they can also find their favorite games. It’s easy to use the web portal. The app allows users to Apppure App Install after downloading the apps. The app also offers an option for advertising and affiliate products.

The Legitimacy Of Apkteca Website:

The website may look great, but customers need to read everything on it before installing anything. These points will help determine the value of the website portal.

  • URL to the
  • The Web portal’s launch date:The portal was launched on 15/01/2021.
  • The expiration of the web portal:The web portal will be terminated on 15/01/2023.
  • Install charges: It allows each user to Apkpure freeof their apps.
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Details about the owner: Manuel Rodriguez, is the name and address of the web portal’s owner.
  • Social media presenceIt’s available on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Index of Trust This website’s Trust Index is approximately 60%.
  • Rate of duplicate content:No data on the percentage of copied content are available
  • Company Location: No information is available on the website about its office address.
  • Alexa rank This web portal has an Alexa global rank around #3039550.
  • Phone number to call: It is not possible to find any details about the contact number on its website. reviews com:

You can read customer reviews and rate the apps and games on this webpage. Most apps have received 4.5 star ratings. It currently has an Alexa rank of #3039550. Additionally, the site has multiple social media logos, but no reviews from customers about their apps online or on social media. Its reviews are not reliable.

It also opens an Ems Security page by clicking on each social site logo.


The website provides many apps and games that customers can enjoy by downloading android apps. Apkteca has been missing so this website isn’t completely legit. You can read com reviews online. This article contains all the details.

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