CBD as medicine- More research work is crucial – the benefits are promising

Have you heard that you can sometimes get cannabis (CBD / medical marijuana) on prescription if you are seriously ill? This information tells you what we know about the effectiveness of cannabis medicines and whom they may be suitable for in case of medical contingencies. You will also read about the risks, what experts recommend.

CBD or medical marijuana: An effective product

Doctors can prescribe Cannabis for serious illnesses. The prerequisite is that other treatments are not available or not possible. In addition, according to a doctor’s assessment, there must be a chance that cannabis will improve symptoms. You will usually receive cannabis along with your existing medication. 

The good news is that now you can apply for online medical marijuana cards from DigiDrs. Is it effectiveness? There is evidence of effectiveness for permanent pain, muscle cramps in multiple sclerosis, nausea and vomiting because of chemotherapy or unwanted weight loss, such as AIDS. The effect was rather small in studies.

What is cannabis and how does it work?

Have you heard of Hemp? In Latin, we know it as Cannabis. Its use is not recent. People have been using this plant since thousands of years to cure and treat pain, anxiety, depression, hunger, etc. The oil cold pressed from the seeds of hemp is useful and beneficial in several conditions. 

Marijuana has medical benefits, but it gives you the high effect. You get marijuana (THC) and hashish from hemp plants’ flowers and leaves from the hemp plant. When you smoke marijuana, your body gets THC and other toxic substances. You get addiction of smoking marijuana. 

However, the research says that CBD is a substance also present in Hemp plant. However, the THC contents are quite less and come with more medical benefits without any high effect. It is why CBD is called medical marijuana. Do not get confused. 

Under medical supervision

Hemp plant mainly has two substances – THC and CBD. THC has a relaxing effect. On the other hand, CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect. CBD products also have THC content, but do not make you high, as the content is much less, less than 5%.  

However, consuming CBD products or medical marijuana without medical supervision is not recommended. Consuming CBD incorrectly can put you on addiction; worsen your medical symptoms, etc. The right amount of dose is crucial for an effective result.

Is cannabis addictive as a medicine?

The leaflet that comes with the cannabis medication lists addiction as a possible side effect. The available data do not allow statements about whether cannabis medications are addictive in the amounts that have been examined in studies. So far, such cases are not known. This may also be because most studies did not last long enough.

Studies suggest that medications containing THC can relieve symptoms for persistent pain, muscle spasms, nausea, or weight loss. However, the observed effect was mostly rather small. Cannabis does not help against sudden ailments. It takes a while for it to work. 

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