Agradaa Church Scam {Oct 2022} Scam Or Legit?

A few individuals from the Paradise Way Church in Weija have charged their chief, Evangelist Mom Pat, prominently known as ‘Nana Agradaa’, of shrewdly beguiling them and taking off with their monies.

As per the oppressed believers, Nana Agradaa had prior vowed to twofold their monies through her extraordinary profound enrichments.

In light of this confirmation, the impacted admirers said they were persuaded to give her different aggregates, in assumption for duplicated results.

Yet, in a progression of viral recordings via virtual entertainment on Saturday, the congregation individuals who rested trust in the as of late changed over fixation priestess said their monies have not been multiplied, without any hint of Nana Agradaa.

In their view, this bears a resemblance to a perfectly tuned conspire by the evangelist to deceive them out of their perspiration.

The irate and deceived attendees, in this manner, marched to the congregation premises on Saturday looking for replies from Evangelist Mom Pat.

Some of them who were seen in the viral recordings implied that they had given immense aggregates to Nana Agradaa, going from GHS1,000 to GHS20,000.

However, in the midst of the commotion, a few web-based entertainment clients have scrutinized the impacted church individuals for being excessively guileless and powerless.

As per the pundits, ‘Nana Agradaa’, as she is prevalently called has acquired reputation for cheating her clueless customer base, and consequently her attendees ought to have had better sense than that in managing her.

Others have anyway laid the fault at the doorstep of the Police for neglecting to hold the previous mystic in line in the wake of guaranteeing she had apologized and turned into a pastor of the gospel.

In the interim, the Ghana Police Administration says it has started examinations concerning a supposed cash multiplying trick that was executed by Patricia Asiedua, famously known as ‘Nana Agradaa’.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, the Police said the suspect, who is the head of the Paradise Way Church at Weija, supposedly serious the wrongdoing against certain individuals from her gathering.

As indicated by the Police, the distressed individuals sent off a progression of reports which have in this way constrained the Police to test the matter.

In its online entertainment post, the Police, accordingly, asked individuals from the overall population to help with examinations, while trying to avoid panicking.

The examination was started following reports that have come to the consideration of the Police with regards to this issue.

We might want to encourage anybody with data that can help the examination to answer to the Accra Provincial Police Order at Accra Focal near the COCOBOD building. While examination proceeds, we ask everybody, particularly the individuals who could have been impacted to keep quiet and not go rogue” the assertion accentuated.

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