Electric vehicles (EV) have become the new norm which over time will increase and the fuel vehicles will become extinct. This will make way for a network of more electric vehicle charging stations and specific charging cables. 

When it comes to charging cables, the latest Australian standard cable that is used at most of the new EV charging points is type 2 charge cable, also known as Mennekes cable. This cable is a high output connector that operates till 22 Kw and is compatible with EV and PHEV type 2 charging stations. Visit Jucer Charge On for a strong, durable type 2 charging cable that is made from an insulated and reinforced 5m cable. Their cable is robust and easy to connect to your EV or PHEV. Jucer gives a warranty of 2 years, a cable bag, and delivers the item within 1-2 business days within Australia and 7-12 days to New Zealand. 

Let us understand what an electric charging station is. When it comes to differentiating EV charging stations, there are three different levels. 

First level

This is like your mobile phone charger and the cable usually supplies with EV plugs of single-phase delivering around 10-20 km of range per hour. Hence, it is not recommended for fast charging.

Second level

This is a public charging point available at shopping centres and car parks with dedicated EV chargers that are capable of charging at 7kW (single-phase). It gives an output of 40km of range per hour, which is enough to charge your EV overnight. This level needs a type 2 charging cable for charging your EV.

Third level

These are the fast chargers or superchargers that operate at power levels ranging from 25kW to 350kW (Three phases). It gives a full charge in 15 minutes and adds about 150 km of range per hour. However, they are specific only to Tesla models and no other EV models. 

There are several EV charging stations service providers within Australia. A brief breakdown of the charging stations in Australia:

New South Wales

  • Total charging points: 4627
  • DC chargers: 153
  • AC chargers: 630


  • Total charging points: 536
  • DC chargers: 86
  • AC chargers: 450

Queensland: Has an “electric superhighway” with 31 fast-charging stations.

  • Total charging points: 395
  • DC chargers: 59
  • AC chargers: 336

Western Australia: West Perth has the first ultra-rapid charging station with chargers that offer a 400 km range in less than 15 minutes.

  • Total charging points: 227
  • DC chargers: 25
  • AC chargers: 202

South Australia:

  • Total charging points: 235
  • DC chargers: 19
  • AC chargers: 216

Northern Territory

  • Total charging points: 13
  • No DC charger
  • AC Charger: 13

Australian Capital Territory

  • Total charging points: 50
  • DC chargers: 11
  • AC chargers: 39


  • Total charging points: 68
  • DC chargers: 4
  • AC chargers: 64

There is a very low number of public charging stations in Australia as compared to other countries like China, but the numbers are increasing with the federal and state governments investing in public chargers. 

Private companies have also been building charging networks along the highways. As the demand for EV chargers has increased, local councils are also installing more charging stations in public areas.


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