Spy X Family is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. The story is about a spy who has to build a family and execute a mission. He then finds out that the girl he adopts as a daughter is a mind reader and the woman he makes fake marriage with is an assassin. You can read the whole series on this website at Viz.com. You can watch its tv series trailer below which will be airing from 2022.

Spy X Family Precap of chapter 56

Anya and Loid reached the resort after getting off the ship. then after the tiring feeling of Anya after a hefty ride in the ship she wanted to enjoy her time. In the resort, they were greeted Yor with the mother because she wanted to take a day off for Anya. Then they went horse riding, Bungee-jumping and many other activities. Later of which Anya wanted to go surfing. Where she thought she had to hold back her powers.

In surfing, Anya enjoyed the speedy ride. At dusk Anya felt sleepy due to that she slept on Loids laps and so did Yor. Loid took both to hotel. Then Loid went to the office to discuss the ship and one officer told that several passengers went missing and many of them were travelling with fake passports as it was expected to be part of the extremist movement in Ostania. The chapter ended with this drawing below.

Spy X Family Chapter 57 storyline, Recap, Release Date, Plot

Spy X Family Chapter 57 Details and Release Date

In this Spy X Family Chapter 57 , it is expected the family will continue the investigations of the ship. Loid, Yor and Anya had fun in the resort. It’s time now to depart meaning Yor have to now bid farewell to both Anya And Loid also meaning that they will again board the ship. So Loid will gain remain in the loop and try to relocate all the passengers after the bombing incident on the ship.Spy X Family Chapter 57 storyline, Recap, Release Date, Plot

It’s likely that Anya the little girl will be interrogated due to her seeing the man who placed the bomb in the VIP ship but again she will b at a huge risk of making enemies. So we will find out in this chapter whats the scenario ahead is does the man belong to the extremist movement of Ostania or will find out other organisations who orchestrated the attack. Till then stay tuned to this popular manga series. The release date of the show It will be arriving on 12th December 2021. Usually, it arrives around under a fortnight but this time it will take longer.

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