Business owners cannot risk being ambivalent about the choices they make for their organizations. Clarity is very important in business decision-making regardless of the type of decision that needs to be made. Therefore, this rule applies even when you are planning to get a promotional pop-up tent for presenting your business at various commercial events. 

A word of caution: Do not take this process lightly because investing in a custom tent that is cheap and low quality or inadequate for your requirements can cause a lot of trouble at events where you intend to leave a good impression. 

Most of our readers would have stumbled upon this article because they already understand the benefits of using custom tents for business promotions. For those who are still indecisive, we have listed some important benefits of using pop-up tents for business promotions below – 

  • Custom tents are brilliant outdoor shades for protection from harsh weather elements 
  • Custom canopy tents are lightweight, portable and easy to install 
  • You can get a custom-printed outdoor canopy tent showcasing your unique advertising content 
  • Pop-up tents with eye-catching branding content draw attention towards your business at any event 
  • Heavy-duty pop-up canopies are also durable promotional products which can be used multiple times and can serve your purpose for a longer duration as compared to other promotional products 
  • Custom tents are also versatile and can be used in different types of locations 

It should not come as a surprise that with so many benefits, pop-up tents have grown very popular as promotional products across industries. This means that the demand is often high for such products, which in turn means that there are many suppliers in the market for the same. Therefore, once you decide to get a pop-up tent, you soon realize that there are a huge number of options that are available in the market. This may end up making you more perplexed, confused and indecisive.  

We have brought you a very simple solution to this problem. Do not browse for custom tent products randomly and waste your time in trying to figure out which is a good deal and which one’s going to blow up in your face. This will just make you more overwhelmed. Instead, ask a bunch of questions to create a road map for your requirement and then look for options that fit the bill.  

Hold your horses! We’re not asking you to go looking for questions to ask. In fact, we have already covered the questions you need to ask. 

Listed below, you will find a set of 10 questions that you must find answers to, before purchasing a custom tent for your business. 

10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Pop-Up Tent for Promoting Your Business

What is the estimated number of events where you intend to use your custom tent?  

This question requires attention at the very beginning. Purchasing a custom tent for one-time use is not a cost-effective option. You should invest in a custom-printed pop-up tent for your business only if you intend to use it for at least four or more events in a year. Therefore, determining your estimated frequency of use is an important starting step. 

How much should you be spending on your pop-up tent? 

The next thing to sort out is money. There is no point telling business owners about the importance of controlling expenditure. You are already experts at that. However, when you are purchasing a pop-up tent for your business, you shouldn’t just be looking to save money. Instead, you must prioritize quality and manage expenditure accordingly. Getting a cheaper custom tent would seem cost-effective now, but their susceptibility to structural failures and smaller serviceable life would eventually be a loss. On the other hand, if you purchase a high-quality, branded custom tent, it may seem costly at first. However, the durability and reliability of these products will provide a more consistent ROI in the long run. 

What type of pop-up tent should you purchase for your promotional use? 

Depending on your frequency of use, budget and other requirements, you must decide the type of pop-up tent that you wish to purchase. In our opinion, it is better to opt for aluminum or zinc coated steel frames as they are more robust and also corrosion-resistant.

If you’re looking for a plain canopy roof, which is waterproof and durable, you should go for a PVC-coated polyester fabric. However, it might be more beneficial for your business if you purchase a custom-printed pop-up tent. The best fabric for custom-printed roofs is PU-coated polyester. You can choose from either screen printing or digital printing to get your advertising content printed on this fabric. 

What size canopy would suit your requirement?

Custom tents are available in a wide range of sizes in the market. In order to determine the right size, you should calculate the space that you would require including the products you wish to display, your team and expected clientele. You must also check the average space allotment for booths at different events and cross reference your size accordingly. Bigger or smaller does not matter here. What matters is a size that serves your purpose. 

What type of ground surface is available for pitching the tent? 

The installation requirement of your heavy-duty pop-up canopy will differ depending on the type of ground surface availability. For soft ground surfaces, tent stakes are perfect for ensuring custom tent stability and security. Steel stakes with a hooked head for better grip will serve you well under these circumstances. On hard surfaces, stakes would be completely useless. You will have to add extra weights to the legs of your pop-up tents.  Irrespective of whether you are setting a custom tent on soft or hard ground, you must also anchor your canopy to ensure its safety. Heavy-duty tie-down straps are perfectly suitable for this purpose. 

Would you require additional accessories depending on the type of ground surface? 

There might be a few additional accessories required to ensure that your custom tent setup stays stable and grounded. We have already mentioned steel stakes and tie-down straps. However, it would be wise to purchase a couple of extra pieces of both these products for emergency use. For hard ground surfaces, you can use different types of weights like sandbags, water weights or heavy-duty steel weights to ensure the stability of your structure.  

What are the dominant weather conditions in the region where you intend to use your pop-up tent? 

Weather is a very important factor to consider when purchasing a pop-up tent for your business. If you’re simply looking for shade to protect you from the sun, then any high-quality custom tent will serve you well. However, you might require additional accessories if there is a possibility of rain, snow or wind. 

For rainy conditions, you might require extra sidewalls and a ground-sheet as well as rain gutters for your custom tent. The same goes for chilly weather with the possibility of snowfall. If the weather is too windy, we always advise our readers not to risk their custom tents under such conditions. If the wind begins to pick up pace, it is better to pack your pop-up tent and store it somewhere safe. However, if wind speed is neither too high nor too low, you can always add additional weights and ropes to prevent it from becoming unstable.  

What are the features you must look for in a custom tent to get better functionality? 

In order to ensure that you get the best and most durable product, you must also look for other features in your outdoor canopy tent model like – 

  • easy installation mechanism 
  • weight and portability 
  • oversized truss bars for additional support to the structure 
  • robust connectors secured with steel bolts 
  • height adjustment mechanism 
  • heavy-duty steel feet 
  • center pole tensioning for water run-off 
  • UV protection in canopy fabric 
  • anti-fade inks for custom printing or UV printing which lasts three times longer than other printing techniques for canopies 

Do you require additional custom-printed and branded promotional products? 

Since you are getting a custom-printed pop-up tent for your business, you must also check out other promotional products that can be added to your business presentation at trade shows, exhibitions or other industry events. Premium brands offer print packages for businesses with other products like –  pull-up, pop-up or signage banners, flags, table covers, media walls, printed full walls, half walls, slide-in keder walls and internal partitions.

Are there any other regulations to fulfill when using a custom tent? 

Last but not least, it is important that your custom tent fulfills all regulations related to fire safety. Indoor events are very strict on fire regulations. Therefore, you must always invest in a pop-up tent which is fire-retardant. If the event is outdoors, your custom tent should also be waterproof. Moreover, you should also check if you need permission or prior clearance to pitch a pop-up tent at an outdoor location. 

Start Looking for The Perfect Custom Canopy Tent for Your Business

This set of 10 questions provides solid ground for decision-making when it comes to purchasing pop-up tents for promotional purposes. This list is, however, not exhaustive. You can add more questions which suit your specific requirements. Nevertheless, this can be helpful in getting you started with the process and provide direction towards your end result.  

So, let’s wrap things up from our end for now… 

You can get busy creating your road map, getting answers to these questions and getting started on finding the perfect custom tent for your business. We hope that you end up with a custom canopy tent that is bound to hit the spot every time you use it at an outdoor business event. 


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