Chelsea Handler a leading TV host and an amazing actor was linked to 50 Cent in 2010. The couple came into limelight again in 2020 because of the 2020 US Elections.

50 Cent

50 Cent or Curtis James Jackson III is an American writer, producer, rapper and entrepreneur. He experts in writing hip hop songs. He is also the founder of  G-Unit Records.

Chelsea Handler 50

2010 Relationship

Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent got in a relationship in the year 2007. Th couple was spotted together at most of the events and parties. 50 Cent was the first black guy that Chelsea dated. She said in an interview that she always had a soft corner for black people, which she might have got from his father.

Chelsea and 50 Cent met on Chelsea’s show. Chelsea found him cute and flirted with him on the show. The next day she got 50 white roses from him in her office. 50 Cent called her and left messages to which she finally replied after a long wait and that’s how the couple started bonding together.

Later with time, they got bonded more and more and spent more time together for each other. Chelsea’s friends and family loved 50 Cent. She even invited him to a vacation with her family for Christmas. They would got to shows together and showed love and admiration for each other.

Breakup Story

According to the sources, the couple because of 50 Cent’s ex Ciara. 50 was in a relationship with her right before getting into one with Chelsea Handler. The couple had a conversation regarding Ciara when 50 Cent explained how Ciara has been wanting to get back with him. Chelsea got irritated as Ciara was going to come on her show and confronting her like this would have been really awkward for her.

Chelsea Handler 50

Later after days, they had a fight on the same issue where she called him with bad words that no reputable black man would like. She even told him to stay away from her and called him a street person. Later she tried contacting him, she waited for him to show up at the Christmas vacation with her family but the two didn’t manage to save their relationship.

Having Sex With 50

50 Cent was supporting Donald Trump in his campaign while Chelsea was supporting Joe Biden. She called out 50 for not supporting Joe. At first she agreed to pay the taxes for him but when he came to know that it was illegal, she came up with a new idea and offered him to compensate with another spin. On an interview, Chelsea said that she would have had sex with 50 in that case.

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