The Japanese anime series, ‘Re-main’ is the newest treat for the viewers who love sports oriented anime with a slice of humour. So, in this article we will talk about it’s latest upcoming episode, ‘Re-Main Episode 9’ along with it’s release date.

 Re-Main Episode 9

Read More About ‘Re-Main’

‘Re-Main’ is an original Japanese anime television series produced by MAPPA with Kiyoshi Matsuda as it’s director. The story for this water polo based sports anime is written by Masafumi Nishida who also serves as it’s co-director. The series first got premiered on July 4, 2021.

 Re-Main Episode 9

The storyline of the anime is based on a young boy named, Minato Kiyomizu who is a star player of water polo. However, he loses three years of his memories after being in coma for 203 days due to an accident. So, begins the journey of Minato’s efforts to catch up on what he has lost.

When Is ‘Re-Main Episode 9’ Coming Out?

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The ending of the previous episode created an uproar as Minato and his team are on edge to train for something big. The upcoming episode also might reveal more of Minato’s memories as he had a glimpse of his past in the previous episode. The latest upcoming episode of the series, ‘Re-Main Episode 9’ titled as “I’ve Always Been Me” is all set to be released on September 12, 2021.

Where To Watch ‘Re-Main Episode 9’ Online?

 Re-Main Episode 9

You can access the latest episode, ‘Re-Main Episode 9’ on Funimation. For the viewers of South and Southeast Asia, the anime series has been authorized by Medialink who streams it on various platforms such as iQIYI, Bilibili and Ani-One YouTube channel.

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