Top 5 Theme Parks IN UAE: Updated List 2023

Theme parks are a way of escaping from reality. Just like the alternative name suggests, these are amusement parks which have a particular theme. These fun-filled places are to relax and laugh. The locations are created in a way which is supposed to attract kids as well as adults. Every park has a different theme that is the main aspect of the attraction. During your free time or vacations, plan a visit to these places. Remember to utilise Yas Island promotion and other sorts of amusement park offers to enjoy the reservations at the lowest prices. 

IMG World Of Adventure

Delve into the horizon of adventure by visiting the IMG World of Adventure. This is the ideal spot that has six zones full of adventures. All the places are divided into a different fun zone. The phases begin with Cartoon Network and MARVEL zone. Next, it proceeds to Lost Valley and IMG Boulevard. After that, thereis akid’s zone, haunted hotels and dinosaur adventure spaces. All these are covered between 1.5 million square feet. The surprising factor is that it is the world’s most diverse adventure park. The place is perfect for family entertainment and is a must-go place if you want to shop, enjoy and eat well. 


Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphins are the friendliest and most adorable creatures on this planet. They are the best friends of humans. That’s why we get closer to them by going to the dolphinarium. It is a fully air-conditioned space which has dolphins playing and enjoying. It’s basically a show to entertain humans and then make the dolphins happy. The marine organism place takes care of seals and dolphins so that they always stay safe. Plus, these marine mammals are a way to educate the young generation on how to protect the environment as well as marine life. The place is over 54000 sq ft, and it gives a personal area for the mammals to relax. All the money earned from this place is given to children in need. 


Aqua Bounce Ajman

The next place on the list is Aqua Bounce Ajman. It is the funniest adventure you can sign up for. If you watched kids’ entertainment shows, they had these waterland games, which have so many activities. Well, this is similar to those. It is like a big game in real life setting which you need to complete. The floatable setting is between the Fairmont Ajman. It merges beach and activities, which ends up the whole journey being super joyful. You will find families and friends laughing about this gameland. One can even plan a quest here and play competitive games just for fun. Whatever it is, getting stranded in the middle of the beach and playing in a floatable park is something one should definitely try. 

Legoland Dubai

Have you grown up playing with Legos? Then it is your time to play with life-sized Lego at Legoland Dubai. It is the cutest place to visit in UAE. They cover all the dimensions of entertainment for kids and adults. This Legoland consists hotel, a water park and themed rides. There are occasions when kids can enjoy these attractions for free. Whereas adults can utilise annual passes for the most discounts. It’s not a staycation but a playcation because even the rooms are Lego world themed. These have creative workshops, a treasure hunt, an outdoor pool and exclusive adventures awaiting in each room. Sometimes they even have offers for unlimited drinks and popcorn refills, which means fun and food are just booking away. 

Yas Island

Last but not least, we have multiple experiences at one spot, and it’s none other than the infamous Yas Island. This is the best place to visit if you are looking for a thrilling time. The place has all the things you need for enjoyment. They have malls, food hubs, a water park, an adventure park and a Ferrari World. It has the best Warner Bros theme park, which is a top visiting spot. Next, it has the Ferrari theme park with the fastest rollercoaster. Lastly, the Yas Waterworld, which is another themed park. There are many other attraction spots, so go to Yas Island and explore as much as possible. Make sure to pre-book your tickets using the Yas Island discount code for the best rides at the lowest prices. 

Concluding Statement

All these are signs for you to get out of your beds and plan an eventful day. Like you can rest tomorrow, but the present is to make memories. Hence, without much ado, decide on the activities you would like to try at these UAE hot spots.

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