Same-day loans are considered a type of loan disbursed within a day. Therefore, having a poor credit score will still get you same day loans of up to $35,000 from veteran online lenders. The process of loan disbursement is fully automated and rapid. But that doesn’t mean you stop trying to improve your credit score, as it’s the most vital course of action for your financial health. 

The better your FICO score, the hassle-free it will be to get approved for different types of loans. Moreover, a top-notch credit score might open the door to meager interest rates when you borrow cash.

If you’re wondering how to boost your credit score before obtaining same-day loans from CocoLoan, this article gives you the best ways to increase your credit score quickly. Let’s get started.

Why does a top-notch credit score matter?

A top-notch credit score can save you countless dollars throughout your life. Someone with excellent credit gets special rates on auto loans, mortgages, and covering unforeseen expenses. 

On the contrary, those with bad credit scores are deemed high-risk borrowers, and few online lenders want to disburse same-day loans, while others charge high APRs. Only a loan broker with direct lenders who accept a bad credit score will be able to serve you.

The best ways to improve your credit score are the following: 

  • Verify your credit report

The best thing you can do to boost your credit score is to cross-check your credit report, as doing so will help you discover errors in the report. You may get it rectified quickly after finding the mistakes. It’s crucial to ensure the report’s authenticity as it’s calculated based on the details mentioned. 

  • Reimburse credit card debt

The FICO credit scoring model is highly attentive to the credit utilization rate, which is the percent of credit compared to the entire available credit limit throughout all the revolving credit lines. In case you possess a $10k balance on your credit card with the maximum limit of spending being $20k, the credit utilization ratio will be 50%. You might improve your credit score by restoring credit card balances with an installment loan debt.

Moreover, when the credit card organization accepts your credit limit surge, it will boost your credit utilization rate. 

  • Never eliminate older accounts from the report

Often, people have the propensity to eliminate deactivated accounts with adverse histories from their credit report to make it look excellent. Moreover, some even remove their older debts from the reports once they pay the loan entirely. 

It’s not the best thing to do, as eliminating your older accounts might jeopardize your score as they might have a top-notch reimbursement history. Lastly, in case you have reimbursed the debt entirely, it would be better to keep them in the report to boost your FICO score and flaunt your creditworthiness. 

  • Obstructs your requests for brand-new credit and the hard inquiries

A credit history check contains two inquiries, such as hard and soft. A usual soft inquiry consists of checking your credit and allowing an employer to verify your credit. On the contrary, hard inquiries can affect your credit score, including several applications for a mortgage, a new credit card, and an automotive loan. 

Most of the occasional hard inquiries can shatter your credit score. Therefore, if you try to improve your credit score, you must bypass applying for new credit.

How to get the same day loan for bad credit?

As mentioned, same day loans are easy and super-fast personal loans that are given online. The loans, deemed same-day loans, are personal, installment, payday, and short-term loans that can be offered on the same day of submission. Suppose you’re wondering about the functionality of a hard credit check for same day loans. 

In that case, you must understand that some online lenders will carry out a soft credit check against your submitted online application. The broker has an extensive group of online lenders for whom having bad credit isn’t a big problem. 

But some lenders might use your credit score as the main criterion to determine your ability to reimburse the amount you borrow. However, the same day loans for bad credit could either be secured or unsecured, and the terms might differ from one lender to another. 


A 300-579 score is considered bad credit, which can be significantly increased after implementing the earlier strategies. Visit a lender’s website and go through the different details to understand the requirements of getting a same day loan with bad credit. So, stop worrying about getting a same-day loan for bad credit and improve your credit score now.


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