Select Auto Protect Extended Warranty Review 2022 :- What makes Select Auto Protect special?

Select Auto Protect extended warranty review provides a variety of warranty plans to help you choose the best solution. Because the company pays the mechanic directly, you don’t need prepayment. The company will also pay for repairs if you use an ASE-certified technician. Prepayment is not required for repairs. You do not have to pay.

Select Auto-Protect

There are three Select Auto Protect plans available, each with a $100 deductible. Select Auto Protect is an option that can be added to your existing policy. It will provide protection against weather, mechanical failure, vandalism, or weather. Select Auto Protect is either an add-on or standalone plan. Select Auto Protect covers which mishaps?

Select Auto Protect will cover repairs and replacements for vehicles damaged by weather, vandalism, mechanical failure, or other causes. You also get liability coverage in the event that someone is hurt or killed as a result your negligence. Autonomic protection does not cover complete claims and accidents. Continue reading for more information about selecting automatic protection. You may also be interested in reading more Select Protect testimonials.

Select Auto-Protect Warranty Plans

Auto Protect offers three warranties, Silver, Platinum, and Gold. Each subscription can be purchased for either three years or five years with coverage of 70,000 miles. All plans come with a $100 monthly deductible. In addition to damages, you will also receive compensation for towing charges and rental car fees.

Select Silver is a simple plan that a company can choose from. This policy covers the following: engines, transmission, cooling, braking, electrical systems.

The Select Gold plan provides lockout assistance, an extension of the auto warranty and an extended warranty for the steering system.

All the Select Gold plan’s features are included in the Select Platinum plan. ABS brakes, air conditioning, heater systems, fuel systems, turbochargers/superchargers, high-tech equipment, front suspensions, rear suspensions, and AWD/four-wheel drive are all covered under the Select Gold plan.

Other Add-Ons

Auto Protect doesn’t offer any add-ons for the extended warranty plan.

Warranty Plan Exclusions

All plans include a waiting period for coverage of up to 30 days. Your negligence is not covered by the coverage.

Select Auto Coverage

Select Auto Protect covers all makes, models, and years. No warranty status is required for your vehicle. Automatic protection does not require any personal attention. It would be a good idea to tell them your VIN, and mileage. The company doesn’t list the states where it does not operate.

Select Auto-Protect Pricing

Select Auto Protect doesn’t provide any information regarding rates, fees or deductibles. The best site allows you to get a quote for free online. However, once you submit the form it displays a message of thanks and notifies you that your message has been sent. Price of your warranty plan is dependent on vehicle age, mileage, and the coverage level. Compare this figure to get an idea of how much your subscription will cost.

These rates are among the best in the industry, especially for a five year plan. You can cancel prorated refunds at any moment. All subscriptions require full payment at time of purchase. A full refund is available if you cancel your subscription within 30 calendar days.

Claim with Select Auto Protection

Select Auto Protect doesn’t limit the number or amount of claims you may make. Send your vehicle to an ASE certified mechanic. The mechanic called Select Auto Protect to pay the repair bill, which was $100 plus the deductible. This was done over the telephone. Select Auto Protect provides automatic 24/7 coverage for any accident.

What makes Select Auto Protect special?

Select Auto Protect policy protects your vehicle and wallet against mechanical problems. The company doesn’t specify that your vehicle must be a certain age or mileage, as long as it’s in good condition. They will pay as much as they can. Within 30 days of purchasing a subscription, you can request a reimbursement. To see if you get a better deal, compare the costs for complete auto warranty services.

Help and Support

Select Auto Protect’s protection packages can be gotten a quote by phone or email. Within minutes of calling, a representative will connect you. Select Auto Protect also offers an FAQ page.

Is Select Auto Protec Legitimate?

Even though the Better Web Bureau doesn’t accredit Select Auto Protect due to its 100 customer reviews, Trustpilot has given it a rating of 4.9 stars. gives it a 4.8-star rating.

Bottom line

Select Auto Protect offers discounts on a number of plans for vehicle warranties through major insurance companies. It’s easy to use Select Auto Protect. Select Auto Protect offers warranty coverage 24 hours per day.

Select Auto Protect is well-known for its transparency. A discount may be available if you have a claim against your driver’s license, are student driver, or are retired. If you have a claim on driver’s license, are student driver on your policy, or are retired, you may be eligible for a discount.

Extended warranties can be purchased for vehicles with a maximum of five years and 70,000 miles. The company will pay for repairs if there is a claim. The company will pay for the repairs immediately.

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