Are you playing Project Avatar, a madhouse productions game? Have you ever heard of Roblox? This Roblox game is one of millions of user-generated 3D experiences.

The United States is looking for freebies to play this game. We are here discussing code, discord, link, wiki and how to redeem those codes Project Avatar TRello. Let’s not wait, let us get started.

What is Project Avatar and

Madhouse Productions has been working on Project Avatar in its early testing phases. The game was first created on Roblox in June 2022, and then updated on June 27th 2022. After the update, players have been searching for more codes to make their characters. For this game, there is no trello connection.

Project Avatar involves creating a character to transform into a powerful fighter. Another anime-inspired game, you can use power and defeat opponents to respawn and rise to the top of leader boards. This game requires codes, however.

Project Avatar Wiki: code

Keep your place at the top in the leaderboard. Grab and use as many codes possible. Master these abilities and increase your level in each element to win the game.

You earn Yen in-game currency each time you defeat an opponent. This will keep you level up. Learn how to become an expert with your character! You can also reroll to gain more power in the event you die.

Active Project Avatar Codes to the game:

  • !GOATSTATUS: skin reroll
  • !CONTENTUPDATES: talent reroll
  • !MADHOUSE Character reroll
  • !JULIANHAK06: reroll an element
  • Reroll an element with-
  • !AVATARPROJECT: Reroll an element
  • The element reroll !CHEFTACKO
  • !LAZGOCRAZY were elements were rerolled
  • !9994LIFE: skin reroll
  • !BALANCED: Reroll talent
  • Family rerolls for !BOBRUFUS
  • Element reroll on Twitter:!FOLLOWONTWITTER
  • !FREETRAIT: Reroll a trait
  • !RELEASED: Receive750 yen

To avoid making mistakes and receive the benefits, ensure that you enter the code exactly how it is written. Moreover, here is the discord link that you can use for this game. Additionally, we are currently working on Project Avatar TRello. We will notify you as soon and as possible.

What is the best way to redeem these codes

Here’s a step-by–step guide on how you redeem your Project Avatar Code.

  • Participate in the game
  • The chat box will appear in the top-left corner.
  • Input the code that you require.
  • Or, you can copy the code after following our guide.
  • To get rewards, click on the Enter button. For more information about Roblox Generators , click here.


Roblox Project Avatar Game is an all-genre, multiplayer game that challenges players to battle and defeat them in order to become the ruler. You can stay informed about codes by following the Twitter handle or discord of the developer that we provided in our Project Avatar Troello guide.


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