Do you have the desire to purchase new phones Are you looking to buy a new phone for your office? Are you on the lookout for new gadgets to enhance your work environment? Today, electronic gadgets are a major part of our lives. We used to work at home with our mobile phones and laptops after the covid. Many online platforms sell these types of products in less quantity in many countries including Mexico.

Marketedance provides a large selection of mobile, laptops and TVs for a fair price. Check out the other features of Marketedance and the Marketedance Reviews by shoppers.

What is Marketingedance?

It’s an ecommerce site for gadget enthusiasts who live in Mexico. They can buy TVs, laptops, smartphones, and mobile phones. While Current Marketedance doesn’t offer discounts, the prices for all items are very reasonable. There is an additional shipping fee that must be paid for orders below MXN$1190. After MXN$1190, there is no shipping fee.

The webpage contains all important information such as policies, security and payment method. You can access them before you place your order. Make sure you read the details that will tell you whether the website is legit, such as Marketedance Legit.

Specifications on Marketedance

  • The company has stated the address of the company: 344 354 Grey Inn Road London, Greater London, England, WC1X8BP.
  • This is the company number.
  • Marketedance has shared contact support by phone number (44281233186).
  • The URL of the Marketedance is
  • It charges no shipping fees after MXN 1190.
  • Email address not available
  • It mentioned Hymax Company Limited as its company name.
  • Marketedance has products such as smart TVs, mobile phones, laptops and more.
  • So it is difficult to talk about the Marketedance Reviews Shoppers’Marketedance reviews shoppers.
  • Marketedance has no page or activity in social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram.
  • Marketedance allows you to return your order within 30 days.
  • It includes a twelve-month installment payment and security.
  • There are many online payment options that you can use to make payments.
  • It also offers chat support available 24×7.
  • The prices are very reasonable.


  • Contact the number and location of the company mentioned on the website if you would like to find out more or take a Marketedance Review.
  • Marketedance promises a secure payment with every installment
  • It also accepts refunds and returns subject to certain conditions.

Negative Notes

  • Marketedance never offered email support. The company’s location is also fake.
  • Marketedance takes high shipping fees and claims that there are few items.
  • We were unable to see the lines of the customer from our side on any podium. Nothing is visible anywhere.
  • It is not a popular post on social media.
  • The stage content is considerably less and not in the right format.

Is Marketedance Legit Or Scam?

  • Marketedance, an online shopping portal, was founded on 19/07/2022.
  • Marketedance will cease operations on the 19th of July 2023.
  • Marketedance has copied the data from the site.
  • It achieved an average of 47.9 trust rank out of 100.
  • It also includes a trust index. Only 2 percent
  • There are currently no reviews for the verified podium.
  • Facebook, Instagram and Twitter don’t have pages, so traffic is not available.
  • We did not find any information on the founder of the company.

Marketedance’s claims are also dubious. Let’s wait to see what the actual performance looks like on the verified podiums.

User HTML3_ Marketedance Review HTML3_

Marketedance offers products for those who are passionate about electronic gadgets. We searched for the verified podium in order to get more feedback. But, there was nothing. It doesn’t even have pages on any social networking sites. It is not even listed on social networking websites.

Final Verdicts

The last post will tell you the domain’s new address, average trust rank, and no customers Marketedance available. We also have offers phones, laptops. No email support, wrong company, and so forth.


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