I.G.I-2 : Covert Strike Top 10 Cheat Codes!

I.G.I-2: Covert Strike is a tactical shooting computer game developed by Innerloop Studios and was released way back in 2003 but is still one of the best computer games and to make your gameplay more fun here are some cheats you can use.


I.G.I-2 covert strike is the sequel of Project I.G.I, in the sequel multiplayer function and game save was included. The storyline for the game is the protagonist David Jones who works for the Geotactical Intelligence Institute is sent to retrive a chip stolen by the Russian mafia. Xing is the actual antagonist (later revealed in the game) who is a chinese general who has orchestrated the whole robbery.

I.G.I-2 : Covert Strike Cheat codes!

The game is divided into 19 missions each with it’s own task which you’ve to complete and survive till the end. Before each new game you can decide the level of difficulty, number of bullet you want to take and the intelligence of enemy and also saving the game.

Cheats for the game:

  • To unlock all the missions : Crtl+Shift+F9
  • To clear all the level: GETALLIWANT
  • To clear all the enemies:  feedme
  • To activate GOD mode: ALLGOD
  • To activate unlimited ammo: ALLAMMO
  • To lower down your game’s difficulty level: EASY
  • To freeze/disable your enemies: Go to game’s folder and search for the folder named ‘AI’ rename that folder to any other name and now when you’ll start the game again all your enemies will get frozen/disabled.
  • To complete the mission: While playing the mission you want to complete press ‘Esc’ button and then go to controls and there press ‘Print Screen SysRq’ button and it’ll complete your missions automatically.

I.G.I-2 : Covert Strike Cheat codes!

How to use these cheat codes?

Usingg the codes is very simple just go to the main menu of your game, and type ‘nada’ there and then just type in the cheats mentioned above.

These codes will make your gameplay easier, but to get the genuine real experience try using the cheats less.

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