Guilherme Suicide What is Thesis Defense

We discuss the suicide of an undergraduate student Guilherme and share tips for dealing with thesis defense anxiety.

Have you seen the Twitter thread regarding the suicide of a student defending his thesis? Julopessouzas posted a deeply moving tweet. Is this information new to you? We can provide you with related information if not.

Suicide by a student raises many questions regarding students’ psychological health, suicidal thoughts, and their mental health. Suicide has become a major public health concern in Canada as well as the United StatesUnited Kingdom, among other places around the world. This post will be about Guilherme – Suicide.

Guilherme Suicide “July” Learn more about this Tragic event here!

What is the News?

A tweet posted by a Twitter user July 11, 2022 at 2:10 p.m., has now been seen by 60.9k users. Guilherme, an undergrad student, posted the tweet. She tweeted, “A suicide committed by an undergraduate student this week during thesis defence.” She also mentioned how people there said he was humiliated and abused by one of the evaluators.

Juliana said that it was imperative to immediately address academic bullying and improve mental health. Many people retweeted her tweet regarding Guilherme Suicide Defense about their situation and thoughts during thesis defense. Julopessouzas closed the post by saying “I’m sorry, Guilherme, we failed.”

What are people saying about this post?

Although it’s not new to academia, many people agree that we must take steps to prevent bullying and reduce the number of suicide attempts among college students. One Twitter user stated that they were in similar circumstances to me when they told me they weren’t sure they could pass. Another user stated that although most defenses work well, there are times when things get worse than you might imagine.

Guilherme Suicide Thesis. How to manage stress in thesis defense?

It can be daunting to present your research in front professionals. It is an important part of their degree program. These are some ways to manage your fear.

  • Breathe, relax, and trust yourself with your research.
  • If you have trouble speaking, please take some time and relax before proceeding.
  • To be more confident before others, you should develop a habit for public speaking.
  • Trouble eye contacting professors? You might consider looking elsewhere.
  • Prepare well and practice before your presentation.

Guilherme student suicideshouldn’t happen, but together we can prevent future events. Talk to someone who you feel safe with if you’re having suicidal thoughts. While it can be difficult to find yourself in this position, you should remember that these times are temporary.

What is Thesis Defense

The final step of an academic career is the defense of the thesis. This is where the student will present their research on their thesis topic before a panel. Later, the student must answer professional queries. Professors will then decide whether or not the thesis is ready for publication.


Guilherme Suicide brings up many questions about the mental health of college students. We hope that you now are aware of this incident. You may see the Twitter post from Julopessouzas .

Do you have any tips for dealing with these situations? We’d love to have your feedback so that we can share our experiences with you.

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