Gta 5 Diamond Casino Heist All Mission List: How to Complete Diamond Casino Heist

Diamond Casino Heist is a heist job in GTA Diamond Casino and Resort update. This is one of the most complicated game, but gives options to make a lot of money.

We will have a look into the modes of how to play this game.

1. Buying an Arcade

The first step is that you have to buy an arcade. For this you have to talk with Lester in Mirror park to get access to the arcades. After this six arcade locations appear on the map. You should use the Maze Bank Foreclosures store webpage from your mobile phone to purchase any of the arcades.

Here are the prices of the arcades.

  • Pixel Pete’sPrice: $1,235,000, Location: Paleto Bay.
  • Wonderama -Price: $1,565,000, Location: Grapeseed
  • Videogeddon -Price: $1,875,000, Location: La Mesa.
  • Warehouse Price-$2,135,000, Location: Davis.
  • Insert Coin -Price:$2,345,000,Location: Rockford Hills.
  • Eight Bit -Price: $2,530,000, Location: Vinewood.

Set Up Your Heist

When you have your arcade location, you can go to Lester’s underground base . Now you will get access to three black boards. These black boards show the three stages of the heist. The Set Up, The Prep and the Heist.

  • The first black board has got the To Do list .
  • Scope Out Casino is the first step that you have to complete. To help you , you can purchase two extras. the casino model and the door security.
  • These will help you to find the safest entry points into the casino.

Scope Out Vault Contents

After reaching the casino,  you have the option to purchase any  four type of valuables, that is cash, artwork, gold and diamonds. Only one can be chosen, of which diamond is the best.


The last part of the set up is the selection of one of the approaches.  You can choose either silent and sneaky, the big con or aggressive.

Prep Your Heist

This is the stage where you require money and time.  You can hire your crew of NPCs,  disguises, vehicles and  other necessary items.  Also you can choose three crewmen , gunman, driver or hacker.

After choosing the team,  you should select what item you would like to steal.  The best choices for the prep missions include rifle load out, Sultan Classic, gruppe Sechs, Noose Gear.

Now you can start your Diamond Casino Heist.

Here you have the option to choose your buyer . Prefer a high-level buyer. They can give you more money.  You can follow these steps to get through the heist easily.

First enter the underground casino. Then take the elevator to the vault, then run past the guards, without killing them. You have to use the vault key card. Allow the casino worker to open the vault for you. then get the loot. Exit the vault floor through the staircase. Change the disguise inside the locker room. Exit the casino .

Once you are outside the casino, you can give the contents of the vault to the buyer.

Finishing the mission.

One problem you may face is chasing the helicopter. You can steal any car and deliver the loot. If police is after you, use the underground sewer system to run away from them. Once you reach the buyer location, you will get your reward.

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