A Resource Management can be anything that helps teams complete their tasks and contribute to the project’s progress. It includes everything from an app, the person’s skill set, a physical space, or liquid cash. However, project managers generally break down resources into two main categories i.e. tangible and intangible resources. Monday.com reviews mention the software’s capability to manage all types of resources. 

Tangible resources include every physical item that can be seen, allocated, or utilized by the company. This includes money, labor, property, machinery, software, and every other resource. Intangible resources are more abstract and they are usually working behind the scenes. This includes intellectual property rights, employees’ set of skills, project ideas, and any other resource that is required during a project. Must take a look at the estimate template.

What is the Importance of Resource Management? 

Resource management helps teams complete all their tasks and deliver the project on time. It is the goal of every company to avoid waste and they are putting all their efforts into managing the existing resources in an efficient manner. Monday.com reviews say that the software can help managers hold on to them and reuse them as many times as required.  

Resource management is an important task and it helps plan and assess exactly what steps need to be taken to complete a task. They can reassign them whenever needed and make sure no deliverable is delayed because of their unavailability. For example, if a company is planning an event then they order food, decorations, and chairs based on data and do not randomly choose a number.  

Every task requires planning and collecting data on exactly how much work needs to be done. They have to plan the budget and also create contingency plans for when things might go wrong. All the planning helps make sure there is no surplus and nor does the task have to suffer because of insufficient funds, employees, or other resources.  

Resource management saves a company time and money. They do not have to hassle to rearrange their plans or panic when they unexpectedly run short. Resource management is handled by a resource manager and every project team needs one or has to assign these responsibilities to a specific person. 

What Does a Resource Manager Do? 

Resource managers are like project managers but they have one key difference. Where the project manager is focused on creating tasks, assigning them, and following their progress, the resource manager is responsible for allocating each resource to complete each task. Monday software makes the process easier and helps the concerned person fulfill their role. 

Smaller teams might have a project manager taking on the responsibilities of a resource manager too. It is important to remember that both roles are associated with their tasks and require the employee to focus on them separately.  

Benefits of Resource Management 

Resource management might sound like a cumbersome task that makes project management even more complicated but it is necessary for optimizing assets and utilizing them in the best way possible. There are a few benefits of using project management software for the task according to Monday.com reviews.  

Avoid Unforeseen Delays in the Project 

Resource management is one way to prevent any delays or bottlenecks in the project pipeline. The manager has to develop a firm understanding of their availability and figure out the best way to utilize them. Monday.com software can streamline the process by displaying the status of all resources in one place. 

Prevent Overworking Employees 

Sometimes teams in an attempt to manage everything efficiently end up over-allocating resources. This is usually a drain on productivity because the team might feel overburdened. Through resource management, it is easier to make sure that the project is equipped with everything it needs. Monday.com reviews praise the platform for helping employees juggle multiple projects while maintaining high employee satisfaction levels.  

Create a Safety Net for Projects 

The project might not always be successful and this could be due to insufficient resources. However, if teams can show the stakeholders their resource plans and allocations methods then they can salvage their relationship. When the investors or clients see that you took all the safety precautions they are likely to continue the professional relationship. 

Increase Resource Efficiency 

Managing resources and monitoring their allocation can help teams develop a better understanding of how the team consumes resources. This data can help them accurately plan each project and make sure they are never short of skill, talent, or budget.  

The resource manager has several responsibilities and they need a tool like Monday software to fulfill them. There are several ways the users manage their resources with the help of the software features. 

Types of Resource Management 

There are several different methods for managing resources and it is the manager’s responsibility to choose between them.  

The first one is resource allocation which involves assigning the resources in such a manner that the teams get the most utility out of them. The process involves detailed assessments of all available resources and analyzing how each party can efficiently use them. The manager then deploys them in such a way that the team can work productively.  

Resource leveling is the technique through which managers discover any misallocated or underutilized resources and then deploy them for other purposes to increase their efficiency.  

The third method is resource forecasting which gives managers a way to predict resource requirements for future projects. This is an important part of resource planning and gives users an accurate way to execute tasks in a quicker, more cost-efficient, and less wasteful manner. Prediction requires the managers to be familiar with their project lifecycle and according to Monday.com reviews, it is something the software excels at. It gives users a strong understanding of resource availability and helps disseminate them within the organization.  


Monday.com software provides visibility into project procedures and gives easier access to all resource information. It combines all relevant information in one place and helps users make the best choice. 


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