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7 Basics Rules for Real Estate Video Marketing

The real estate industry has exploded with technological innovation. With the rise of YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms , it was only a matter of time before any video maker software made their way into the world of real estate. The built in templates that are easy to customise in these video maker softwares make them useful for real estate. Real estate professionals need to capitalise on this opportunity now as each platform is increasing in popularity. 

Real estate listings are becoming more and more popular on YouTube, Facebook, and even Websites. So it has become an absolute necessity that one must learn the basics of these platforms to market your real estate listings to their best potential. This article will give you a quick overview of each platform and some basic rules that you must follow. If you are new to video marketing, then this article is for you.

Real Estate Marketing 101

1. Master The Platform:

Before you can truly market your listing to its fullest potential, you must understand how each platform functions. The first thing that you need to understand is that all of these platforms allow you to attach location information. YouTube is the least location based of the three and has a fair amount of control over your videos. With Facebook, however, it automatically gets uploaded to the main page of your Facebook page whenever it becomes available on the site. With YouTube, you have complete control over who is able.

2. Target Audience:

Next, you need to identify your target audience. This is the next step in understanding how each platform operates. YouTube tends to attract a younger, more tech savvy audience. Facebook, on the other hand, tends to attract a slightly older group of people. With other platforms, there are already established communities on the site and it is important that you understand which one you want to target with your video.

3. Quality Videos:

There is no doubt that video marketing is the future of the real estate industry. However, just because you post a video on any platform does not mean it will automatically attract plenty of views. Focus on creating videos that clearly explain the benefits of your listing and the local market. You must also be careful of using too many pictures at once as this can make for bad looking video.

4. Use The Right Tools:

The tools that you use will help determine how users interact with your video. For example, using a decent online video maker can add a lot more value to your videos. With a video maker, you can add annotations and increase the CTR. You can also create a series of videos and then upload each video to YouTube in sequence to capture their attention.

5. Branding:

When creating a video, it’s important that you brand yourself as well as your listing. Users will be more likely to watch videos created by people that they recognize and trust, so it is important that you do just that. A signature appearance and voice are key to branding your video. This is why it is important that you customise your Facebook page to align with the image of your real estate agency and post frequently on social media.

6. SEO Optimisation:

Once you have uploaded a video to your particular platform, it is important that you optimise it for SEO. This means that you need to upload title tags and descriptions in order for search engines to find them. Attach some videos to a blog, or website page for maximum exposure. Doing your homework is the best way to get your videos shared on social media, so you should find a title that will intrigue users and a description that appeals to them.

7. Mobile Optimisation:

More people are using mobile devices to access the internet and social media, so it is important that you optimise your listing for mobile devices. This means making sure that the video can be easily accessed by mobile users without disturbing the layout of your page. In today’s world, mobile devices are important for sharing content on social media. By having a mobile video, you can easily share it on the go and not worry about downloading or uploading video files to your phone.


These seven tips will help you get the most out of your real estate video marketing efforts. By following these rules closely, your video will help communicate your listing in a clear and concise manner to the viewer. You should also ensure that you do not upload videos full of talking or jargon as this will only hinder your chances of getting shared on social media. Finally, keep your brand in mind at all times and never forget to maintain its quality by investing in a decent online video maker.

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