This Extension Can Bring Back Dislike Count To YouTube Videos

If you are a person who spends hours watching different YouTube videos then you must have probably noticed a “SMALL” change, right? Yes, we are talking about the removal of dislike counts on the YouTube videos! If you are not aware about this then this is what happened. Basically on 10th of November Matt Koval, YouTube Liaison posted a YouTube video announcing the removal of the “dislike button”. He stated that it wouldn’t be a great deal. Well, the number of dislikes this video itself received proved otherwise.

But if you miss seeing the dislike button, don’t worry because we have brought to you a very good news! Continue reading the article to know about it.

Why Did YouTube Remove The Dislike Button

YouTube creators had stated that they had received a lot of complaint from small creators saying that they are targeted by receiving a lot of dislikes on their videos. This affects their mental health which leads to depression. In order to encourage small creators YouTube removed the dislike count so a safe space was created where they could freely upload their videos.

Though the dislike button will still be there, only the dislike counts will be hidden. You can still dislike the video but you just cannot see the count.

This Extension Can Bring Back Dislike Count To YouTube Videos

You Can Bring Back Dislike Count!

Yes, you read it right, you can bring back the dislike count on YouTube! All thanks to Dmitry Selivanov, a software developer. Recently Dmitry created an open- source extension for Chrome and Firefox that can re-add the dislike count to the YouTube videos.

The extension is named as “Return YouTube Dislike“. It has already attracted more than 50,000 users accordinf to the Chrome Web Store. It is an early alpha version. This extension shows you accurate and not just estimated dislike counts by accessing Google’s own YouTube API, which opens third- party access to the video platform.

There yet another extension with the name VidIQ which is also third- part analytical website. It is used by a large number of creators on YouTube already. Not only that, this extension actually provides tips and tricks on how to grow one’s YouTube channel and provides a detailed statistics based on public interactions on videos.

This Extension Can Bring Back Dislike Count To YouTube Videos

How To Install And Use These Extensions To View The Dislike Counts

VidIQ Extension

Follow the steps to install VidIQ  extension to view the dislike counts:

  1. Search for VidIQ extension on your browser to go to the official website. Click on ‘Extension’ from the displayed list.
  2. Then click on the Install button, which will take you to the Add- Ons page from where you can install it.
  3. Once its is installed it will automatically open an unlisted YouTibe videos which will give you a brief rundown on the app. For the login credentials you can either you can either create a new account for VidIQ or login through Google.
  4. Since it is a trusted app used by many creators you can agree to all the “permissions to access” notifications.
  5. So the final step is to open a YouTube video and refresh it. On the right- hand corner you will see all the information regarding the like/dislike ratio, SEO score etc.

This Extension Can Bring Back Dislike Count To YouTube Videos

Return YouTube Dislike Extension

Follow the steps to install Return YouTube Dislike extension to view the dislike counts:

  1. Search for ‘Return YouTube Dislike GitHub’ on your browser and click on the first link updated on 10th of November, 2021
  2. After the page opens, on the right side you will see an “About” section and click on the link given there
  3. Now you will be directed towards its official website from where you can click on the Install button and pick between Chrome or Firefox.
  4. After it is installed add it to your browser. Now, all you have to do is open a YouTube video and hit refresh. Voila, you can see the dislike count on that video just like before.

This Extension Can Bring Back Dislike Count To YouTube Videos

Problem with the “Return YouTube Dislike” Extension

There are some issues being faced with this extension

Firstly, Google is planning to shut down the API on December 13. And because of that Selivaov has benn archiving the dislike stats for various videos. And once the API is shut down the extension will  “switch to using a combination of archived dislike stats, estimates extrapolated from extension user data and estimates based on view/like ratios for videos whose dislikes weren’t archived and for outdated dislike archives,” the FAQ for the extension says. So the accuracy of the dislike count may drop down especially for the newly uploaded videos.

Secondly, the other problem corns the privacy. When you install the extension it asks for permission to read and change data when your browser loads up YouTube. According to the FAQ, the extension will collect the IDs to which videos users are watching, but only at an aggregate level.

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