Neben den Hauptfiguren, There U Are introduces many side characters as the story progresses.

Yu Yang is the first member of the main couple.

Yu Yang is a social and outgoing student who is well-respected by the other students. Yu Yang is a kind person who helps out other students and provides assistance when new students arrive for the year. However, he can also be quite abrasive and will get physical with others if they criticize him for his sexuality. The outside of his personality is only a glimpse into his inner self. As the donghua unfolds, we learn more about him.

Li Huan’s intimidating height and intimidating appearance make him a bad influence.

Li Huan is similar to Yu Yang’s statement about how only one’s exterior personality can reveal so much about someone. You will not be friends with him if he gives off a cold personality. This is in addition to the fact that he doesn’t talk much. You will be able to see how likeable he is as you continue reading.

Chu Huanwen, Yu Yang’s closest friend, is Chu Huanwen.

Although Chu Huanwen did play a part in Here U Are’s early days, I don’t remember much about what he did. He was mostly in the background and contributed a little to the overall story, from what I can remember. His story does have a dedicated arc, which I found enjoyable. It was well-executed and delved into sexuality themes.

Ji Yuan is later in the story and plays a significant role in Chu Huanwen’s arc.

Although I don’t want to talk too much about Ji Yuan as it could lead to spoilers I do want to say that he was an excellent addition to Chu Huanwen’s character and arc. Ji Yuan was a great addition to Chu Huanwen’s character and helped him become more than a background character.

Pan Shu, one of the oldest cast members, runs his own bar.

Pan Shu is a friend of Yu Yang, and sometimes he goes to the bar Pan Shu owns. He doesn’t leave a lasting impression at first, but he soon develops his own story. Although I didn’t expect it to play out the way it did, it was definitely interesting. Pan Shu is playful and a bit of an actor, which makes him stand out from the rest.

Zhong Qiujie was introduced in Pan Shu’s arch.

Zhong Qiujie could easily be described as a “tsundere”. Truth be told, Zhong Qiujie was a bit irritating for me at first. It is common to make characters unlikable in the beginning to emphasize their later development. Zhong Qiujie, however, is an example. You might find him to be likeable if you persevere.

Xia Wangwang is one the few female characters in Here U Are.

Xia Wangwang’s gender is what sets her apart from all the others. She was comfortable and didn’t stand out. Her personality was bright and cheerful, with a lively personality that lights up scenes without being too bothersome. She is mainly a background character throughout this story. Although she doesn’t get her own arc, she is present throughout Here U Are and develops her character. She does indeed have an arc. However, it is only in the back seat of Here U Are.

Xiao Yi is another supporting role in Here U Are.

Xiao Yi has a very kind personality. Although I don’t have much to say about him, like Xia Wangwang his arc plays in background so he isn’t forgotten.

Some side characters may exist, but they are minor and not worthy of discussion. Here U Are is an excellent show that focuses on ensuring that each character grows while keeping the main characters the stars of the show. They were all valuable additions to the story.

Dynamics between Yu Yang and Li Huan

Tropes are common in homosexual romances. This could be in the way that characters are paired, plot, and so forth. These elements are all present in Here U Are but it doesn’t feel rushed.

It is common to see romances that combine a serious and jolly character. This is not the case. Here U Are would more accurately say that it is a pairing between a social and non-social character. Li Huan doesn’t talk as much while Yu Yang is very social and often seen talking with others at the university.

One could even say that this is a pairing between two opposites. This is something that romances do all the time. It could be because the strong contrast makes it more interesting or it creates an obstacle that the couple must overcome.

Their relationship is also affected by their height, at least in terms of outward appearances. This does show how different they are. It also shows their roles in their relationship and their behaviours, while also breaking stereotypes. Despite Li Huan appearing, it is often Yu Yang who is physically active and gets into fights.


DJUN’s art is clearly a strong point in Here U Are. The art is much more character-focused than setting-focused, with a lot of attention paid to character designs and expressions. The art that portrays characters is a complement to their development. Li Huan’s first appearance is one example. He is initially drawn as distant and unlikable, but his depiction changes as he grows.

It was here that I realized why it was so highly-rated. It was a wonderful romance and did everything right. It is hard to find anything I have to criticize Here U Are. Most of it comes down personal taste. For lovers of romance and shounen, Here U Are is a great recommendation. Although it may seem long, you will enjoy this book. This review is summarized:

You will be hooked by the plot and enjoy the wonderful story between these two characters.

Later, the plot diverges into arcs that focus on side characters. However, these were just as strong.

Here U Are explores the theme of sexuality, which plays a significant role in grounding the story in real life.

The entire cast of characters is strong and all are worthwhile additions to this story.

The art complements the characters and their development. It is also of high quality.

This review is now done. This review was very long, so I appreciate you taking the time to read it. You can leave feedback about my reviews by commenting on this thread. I hope you found something useful in this review. I am sorry if you didn’t like the review.

Thank you so much for reading my review.

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