The report in Vivo offers information about the live stream broadcast and the restoration work it has done to the earth’s mother.

Do you want to look at beautiful and captivating marine coral reefs? Have you ever heard about the man-made reefs of coral? If not this is a must read for all lovers of coral. Zooecorals is similar to an organization of pressure in Mexico and the United States, which has developed living corals that can be sculpted on the water. This article provides interesting information about En Vivo.

Corals in Liveshow

There is a Zoecorals community is made up of environmentalists who are working towards the revival of corals. Due to climate change and global warming changes, corals are in danger of disappearing. In the course of the initiative, they generally broadcast live streamed shows and have recently launched an online stream show on May 17th, 2022 at 7.30 at night on YouTube.

The live stream program is focused on creating an eco-system that is inspired by DNA to coral reefs in Cozumel. Mesoamerican Barrier Reef in Cozumel. The reef was destroyed due to cyclones and human-caused activities and they’ve rebuilt the natural environment and will broadcast through their living Sea sculpture channel.

Zoecoral. Com specifics

The word “Zoe” means life, which is why this community was founded in honor of the young girl who lost her life due to the gas carbon monoxide. Therefore, they’ve created this website in order to protect Mother Nature, highlighting the negative impacts of carbon monoxide as well as carbon dioxide on the earth.

An underwater sculpting artist Mr. Colleen Flanigan , has joined this project to improve the underwater life of marine organisms. But, they are mostly focused on coral reef rehabilitation. This site provides information on the corals ‘ restoration efforts as corals are on edge of disappearing due to increasing salinity and the ph level in the seawater.

The zeocorals display

The website of Zeocorals in Vivo has a YouTube channel called “Living Sea Sculptures”, which is where they upload live streamed coral-shows about the regeneration of reefs that are coral in Cozumel, Mexico.

In the past, this area was known for its most diverse biodiversity. However, because of changes in the climate and man-made pollution and climate change, they’ve lost their identity which means that the number of corals is now extremely risky. Therefore, Colleen F. developed an living sculpture. He turned a pile made of iron into a system to support corals. A live stream showcases the restoration and work efforts that were made to help corals.

Zeocoral Credibility Evaluation

Although is a Vivo concentrates on live streaming of shows and is committed to the protection of their environment, they do collect personal data for volunteer and petitioning purposes, therefore it is important to check the legitimacy of their claims.

  • Zeo has gained a following on social media. Zeo community has gained followers through Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  • They have collaborated with various organizations such as Vesper, Bertha, and Scintilla.
  • Live stream streams that focus on the regeneration work for corals, as they claim They haven’t strayed from their specialization.
  • Domain registration was made seven years ago.

From the above information the community of zeo coral appears to be a genuine one.


In the end, the article En Vivo offered information about the growing environmentalist movement and how they work to assist Mother Nature. They wisely decided to safeguard corals as they shield coastal areas from waves that are larger and act as carbon sequestrators. Coral Reefs help protect the earth and the zeo coral group directly guards corals.

More details about live stream shows,

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