Check out this piece to learn more about Zack Robidas, actor on TV and in films who lost his wife to complications of breast cancer.

Are you looking to gather details about the celebrities on TV? Are you also looking to offer your condolences the stars who depart for their heavenly homes? If so, then take a look at this article for all the necessary details.

In this report we’ve discussed the life of a Hollywood actor as well as the death of his wife. Many people from different countries like Canada, the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom, wish to learn more about the story. Thus, continue reading until the very end to know more details about Zack Robidas.

Why are People Searching About Zack Recently?

Marnie Schulenburg was Robidas’s spouse was killed by complications of breast cancer on the 17th of May 2022. She was an Hollywood actor who was in a variety of serials and films. Her most well-known role is her character Alison Stewart in the soap drama ‘As The World Changes which airs on and the CBS Network’.

As people watched the news about Marnie’s death as they scoured for information for her family’s name via the Internet. So, people came to find out that she had been engaged with Zack on the 13th of December 2013 as well as Zack and Marnie had children, who was born in December.

What is Zack Robidas Age ?

We couldn’t find any precise information on the actor’s age in the web sources. But, based on Zack’s photos and body it appears that he is somewhere between 30 to 45. Additionally, considering that Marnie and Robidas were in a relationship for 10 years before they got married in September of 2013, we can confirm his age within this category.

To make further calculations about the age of Zack, we collected the details that Zack graduated from DeSales University in Pennsylvania. The year in which he graduated from the college is not accessible through the Internet.

About the Career of Zack Robidas

Zack started his career in the screen industry in 2005 with a short film called In Convenience. He was also in several other films including Tooth and Nail, Arbitrage, Better Off Single, The Humbling, It’s Complicated and many more. Also, he was a stage actor, and was as Adam Szymkowicz’s Pretty Theft as a co-star.

Additionally, Robidas has worked in various television shows since. Some of the most notable include Succession in which he played Mark Ravenhead and Sorry For Your Loss in which Robidas played Drew Burmester. Zack became more popular due to his character Charlie in the Friends from College telecast in the year 2019. Zack’s age appears to be in his thirty-somethings due to the screen roles he has played.

The Sad News About Zack’s Wife

In May of 2020, Marnie declared she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. The kind of cancer she was suffering from was called mastitis. It was more deadly and more aggressive. It is more common among younger women and is connected to nursing. She passed away from the illness’s complications on the 17th of May 2022 at the Bloomfield Hospital in New Jersey. This tragic incident happened just four days before her birthday, which was on the 28th of May.

The Concluding Thoughts

Zack Robidas mentioned in his Instagram post that Marnie Schulenburg did not succumb to her fight against cancer. She fought every day with a sense of humour and confidence. We are hopeful that Zack can resume his work after overcoming his emotional trauma. We pray that Marnie’s spirit rests in peace.

Have you watched any of Robidas’s films or television shows? Which one of his performances did you enjoy most? Tell us below.


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