Yvonne Plaza Chua Video : Check Details Here!

We informed the perusers about Yvonne Court Chua Video. We likewise shared data about the offenders and who is the excellent suspect.

Did you get the ongoing news that occurred in Davao City? Individuals are paralyzed and stunned subsequent to getting the news. Individuals from the Philippines and all over the planet are interested to know the story behind this demonstration and who was liable for it.

Assuming you are interested to know something similar, we have gotten all the data this article that will give you every one of the insights concerning Yvonne Square Chua Video.

What occurred in the Yvonne Court Chua Video?

In the video, a lady named Yvonne Court Chua was killed in the city. She was shot dead in the green Knolls development simply before her home at Barangay Tugbok.

As per the video, there were 2 aggressors, and the two of them pursued away killing the lady.

What did police do in the wake of watching the Yvonne Chua Square Cctv film?

In the CCTV film, Davao city police saw that one aggressor was in the motorbike and one more was pointing his weapon at Yvonne’s head. After they killed her, they got away with the casualty’s satchel.

In the wake of finding the CCTV Film, cops are as yet researching the case. What’s more, as indicated by Catherine Dela Rey, Representative of Davao City Police, either an individual resentment or burglary could be 2 potential explanations behind this brutal demonstration.

Who is the suspect behind the Yvonne Chua Court Embarrassment?

Many individuals on the web have hauled B/Gen. Jesus Durante was a suspect said that he had been manhandling her genuinely. They likewise discussed a post about her where she was canvassed in wounds and said that she has a danger to her life.

Nonetheless, the Military authority has denied every one of the charges and association in this murder case. He likewise has requested equity for Yvonne Chua Court.

What did B/Gen. Jesus Durante states on the Yvonne Chua Square Outrage?

He said Yvonne Chua Court was her companion and needed equity for her. He likewise added that he is being hauled for this situation due to the post from the year before. He expressed that Yvonne had proactively gotten out last year that Durante didn’t hurt her and that post was not really for Durante.

The last decision

Yvonne was killed before her home by 2 guilty parties, and police are researching Armed force official Durante as he is the excellent suspect in this murder case.

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