This news brings customers’ attention on the new scam that confuses people with Your Bill is Paid for March!

Do you receive text messages about the suspicious amount of electricity bills that you are receiving? Would you like to see the details of the payment text sent by the customer? If so, keep reading!

The last month’s telecom service bill was paid by United States. Unusual text concerning the payment of the rental bill is received in return for the gifts.

Learn more about fake messaging and how to verify your bill for March Text

Details about the scam

New scammers are threatening users to repay rent and telephonic service from April 2022. Twitter users have claimed that the text is being diverted by an unknown company. Companies have used gift vouchers or cards to bribe customers to pay again.

This scam has been reported by many on Twitter. It is crucial to create a safe space from people who are trying to use this method to gain more money. Customers complain about Your Monthly Bill is Paid for March Text.

Let’s learn more about the details of identifying the bill payment.

How can I identify the payment for original bills

Many users have already paid for the most recent forms necessary for timely submission of services. Follow the steps below to identify a bill payment from the past month.

  • The official website of the bill in their country is required.
  • Enter the tax number and details about your house
  • You can attach the address and see if money has been paid to you for the completion of the bills.
  • After verifying your bill from your account as You Bill Is Paid For March Text save it for government use.
  • To show proof of pre-payment, you can attach an image online.

How do you know if the link is a fraud?

Many people are receiving fake links to fill out for their telecom rents. Learn more about this scanned text below:

  • An unknown company or portal would receive the text.
  • They would like to know the details of the account as well as the user’s identity.
  • After you enter, the link will also redirect to a blank Page.
  • The link would not include information about any team or office details.
  • You will be rewarded and gifted after you click the link.

Why is March Text trends?

Many people have written about their experiences in repaying this scam by reading Twitter and official chats. Unfortunately, this scam has affected thousands of customers.


The text message sent by the company to customers for their rental bills and telecom services was a fraud. The payment link provided by the company is diverted to an unknown website. To confirm payments, users will need to visit the Government Portal.

Did you receive a gift when you prepared your bill? Are you positive your bill was paid for March Text Leave a comment.


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