The Young and Hungry follows the story of a wealthy tech entrepreneur Josh Kaminski and his personal chef Gabi Diamond. The show revolves around their relationship and life.

The show broadcast for five seasons when it was announced that the show will conclude with the fifth season. The final season premiered on July 20, 2018. The show was supposed to get a movie too, but Freeform Original Productions dropped it.

Is Young and Hungry season 6 Releasing soon ?

Young and Hungry Season 6 with Latest Update and Thing You Need to Know

Sadly, there will never be a sixth season of Young and Hungry. In March 2018, Freeform cancelled the series and its spin off movie. Although it was a shock for the cast and fans, the gap between season 5A and season 5B made the show’s cancellation pretty clear.

Freeform had announced that there would be a Young and Hungry TV movie. The Young And Hungry movie was going to conclude the events of the show’s fifth season. The movie was going to follow Gabi, Josh and their friends move ahead with their lives.

Unfortunately, Freeform cancelled the movie too, show’s star Osment confirmed in a tweet. Hence the fans will get no closure about the fifth season’s final cliffhanger. The fans had speculated that the movie would have seen Gabi and Josh getting married.

Although the fans had campaigned for Netflix to pull up the show but that didn’t happen. The streaming giant had saved some of our favorites like Lucifer and Arrested Development after cancellation. Unfortunately, Netflix did not save Young and Hungry from going down.

4 Shows to watch next if you loved Young and Hungry

If you enjoy the rom-coms and absolutely love Young and Hungry, then we have a few more shows for you to watch.

Sean saves the World

Young and Hungry Season 6 with Latest Update and Thing You Need to Know

Sean saves the world is an American sitcom that follows story of Sean, a divorced gay father. The storyline follows Sean trying to balance his challenging career and taking care of his kid. The show first aired in October, 2013 and ended after months in March, 2014.

It only has 13 episodes and one season. The show was cancelled in October, 2014 and no further announcement has been made. The sitcom stars Sean Hayes, Linda Lavin, Megan Hilty, Thomas Lennon and others.


Young and Hungry Season 6 with Latest Update and Thing You Need to Know

Selfie follows the story of Eliza Dooley, a junior executive at Kinderkare pharmaceuticals. Eliza posts regular selfies on social media to have a glam, star-like life. Discontent with her online friends, Eliza seeks help from her co-worker Henry Higgs. Will romance eventually bud between them?

The show first aired in 2014. Although, it lasted only a year and was cancelled in 2015. The show has 13 episodes and only one season. The show stars Karen Gillan, John Cho, Allyn Rachel, Brain Husky and others.

See Dad Run

Young and Hungry Season 6 with Latest Update and Thing You Need to Know

The storyline of See Dan Run revolves around David Hobbes who is soon to become a stay-at-home dad. David’s life revolves around his three children and how he tires himself out while taking their care.

The show first premiered in October, 2012. It has a total of 50 episodes and three seasons. The sitcom was eventually cancelled in March, 2017. The show stars Ryan Whitney, Scott Baio, Jackson Brundage, Bailey Michelle and Alana Ubach.

Men at Work

Young and Hungry Season 6 with Latest Update and Thing You Need to Know

If you love rom-coms then you would surely love Men at Work. The story follows Milo who recently broke up with his girlfriend. Trying to get out of his mopey state, Milo decides to date again along with his best friends with whom he works. The show follows a hilarious and romantic theme.

The show first aired in May, 2012 and was cancelled after three seasons and 30 episodes in May, 2014. The show stars Danny Masterson, Michael Cassidy, Adam Busch, Meredith Hagner and James Lesure.

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