Yeedi Vac 2 and Vac 2 pro Specifications for the product (Comparison with)

The primary responsibility for cleaning and dusting the house falls on women. Cleaning is more difficult for women than it is for men. Women tend to do hand-mopping which can be time-consuming and puts pressure on their backs. To help women clean, we created a robot vacuum, the vac 2, and the vac2 pro. The robot vacuum handles all of the cleaning tasks on its own, so you don’t have to spend too much time.

The product is new and has received maximum interest from people, especially women. yeedi, a Chinese company has provided excellent products within the economic range. It has also received positive reviews from Amazon and other sites. We will be discussing the Vacuum cleaner’s main features in the next sections.

What’s the difference between vac 2 & vac2 pro?

Yeedi created a robotic vacuum cleaner that oscillates independently. Only a switch is required to operate the machine. The vac 2 as well as the vac 2 Pro will be released simultaneously on and Walmart on May 12. This is a modified version to the earlier Vac 2. Modernly designed, the machine has a 340mm diameter black-and-white cylinder and only 75mm thickness. It is far superior to other brands.

Specifications for the product (Comparison with)

Yeedi makes it very easy for users of its yeedi model to upgrade to vac2 series. Any yeedi models you may have can be traded in for credit towards the purchase yeedi 2 series.

yeedi vac 2- Series Specifications

Model for Productyeedi vac-2 proyeedi vac-2
Cost$ 449.99$ 349.99
Obstacle Avoidance3D Obstacle Avoidance3D Obstacle Avoidance
Types and uses of the mopping systemOscillating mopping systemMopping for a long time
Suction Capacity3000 Pa3000 Pa
Carpet detectionYesNo
Capacity for Battery5200 mAh2600 mAh
Dustbin Capacity420 ml420 ml
Water Tank Capacity180 ml240 ml
Work with Self-Empty stationYesYes

Features for the product

These are just a few of the features that these products offer:

  1. Oscillating MOpping System Theyeedi oscillating-mopping feature simulates the movements of human hands and ensures proper cleaning. It vibrates and scrubs the floors 480 times per minute. This cleaner is not like sonic mopping. It provides back-and-forth cleaning. These features make cleaning five times more efficient than manual cleaning. It is compatible with wooden floors, tiles, or laminated floors. It produces low noise levels.
  2. 3D Object Avoidance With the Smart 3D sensor structure, yeedi vacuum scans and detects dust and obstructions quickly. The robot can detect obstacles and measure their height, width, and length and intelligently dodge them. The 3D sensors are able to detect sounds around you seamlessly and don’t require people to pick them up before cleaning.
  3. Carpet Detection ? The robot is equipped with moplift technology. This makes it easy to mop the carpets. It works well with carpets that are less than 5mm thick. It is not worth the risk. yeedi,Carpet detection sensor identifies your floor. When a carpet is detected by yeedi, it will turn off mopping mode and increase suction power to vacuum the floor. The products will not harm carpets as they can be used on bare floors.

Visual Mapping & Navigation Theyeedi sensor is infused with visual mapping. It can travel under your sofa, bed, table or even under your mattress. It is more durable and has a lower risk of being damaged.

Yeedi vac pro 2 is compatible with a Self empty station. This is sold separately. It can be used for up to weeks hands-free.

6) Yeedi’s new program allows you to swap your old unit for a brand new one. yeedi makes it very easy to upgrade an old yeedi model to a vac2 series. The swap repair program is the name of this program. The program will be available starting in May 2022. Buyers will have the added benefit of being able to purchase the product.


The product by yeedi is attractive. The cost of this robotic machine will depend on the person’s opinion and whether they wish to purchase it. The vac2 pro is a useful product that can be used at home by those who don’t want to mop as often. Did you recently purchase this product? Do you have any thoughts about the product? We would love to hear from you.

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