Are you able and willing to learn about the industry in which the product is being used? Are you a marketing and product expert looking for a way to share your knowledge with a global community? E-ecommerce platforms have opened up opportunities for product reviews to help shoppers make informed purchasing decisions.

XYZ invites product reviewers and experts from various industries to post their work on its website. Contributors can join our Write for us Product Reviews posting initiative to have access 10000+ users on our platform.

Who We Are?

XYZ, a digital media platform, publishes articles under news and product reviews. This team of skilled writers produces authentic content that appeals to global audiences. All content on our platform is based in internet research.

We do not have any affiliation with media agencies or companies involved in the sales of products. Online shoppers enjoy the reviews category because it helps them make purchasing decisions. Regular updates are provided to the news section by entertainment, political and sports niches.

What is Tell us about your product and/or services.

XYZ platform has limited content and only a few niches. The website invites contributors to write reviews for guest posts. It allows the website receive review posts from different industries, which attracts additional traffic from each niche.

Contributors will receive a ready-made audience in return for their posts. XYZ audiences on the same platform will have access to content that falls under different niches. These points can be mentioned by the contributor in their review.

  • Products features, benefits and disadvantages
  • It offers advantages over its rivals
  • Comparing pricing to the market
  • Detail information about the product.

Product reviews Write for us Guidelines

  • Your review should be original and free from plagiarism
  • Your guest blog should be between five hundred and one thousand words in length.
  • Your review should highlight the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each product.
  • Avoid making grammatical mistakes and get a Grammarly score 99+ for your blog.
  • Passive voice should never exceed 10% of the content.
  • Guest posts should provide useful and easy-to-understand information for the customer.
  • After the eighty percent completion, you should attach two links.
  • Avoid websites with spam scores greater than 33%.
  • The “Write For Us” + Product Review title must be relevant and should grab the attention of the audience.
  • Reviewers should adhere to the SEO guidelines provided by search engines in order to rank higher on the SERPs.
  • Keyword density should equal.75 to 1% of the review length.
  • Search result optimization requires that the article include an introduction and a heading, subheading, and description.

Contributor benefits:

  • Bloggers who write reviews will attract thousands of regular readers to their posts.
  • The contributor can gather post metrics to analyze their content, writing skills, and other information.
  • Independent reviews can help you reach a wider audience.
  • The website digital team will supply a targeted keyword for the product reviews + “Write to Us” post in order to ensure additional traffic.
  • Experts in different industries can analyse the product and offer their opinions to the targeted audience.

Which type of Article is acceptable by XYZ Websites?

  • We accept only original content that adds real value to the audience looking for it.
  • Write honest reviews to help customers make a purchase decision.
  • For guest posts, the article should not be shared.
  • It is not permissible to share guest blog review posts with other platforms.
  • XYZ website accepts only informative articles. It does not publish promotional content.

How do you submit Product Review “Write For Us” Posts?

Contributors interested in sharing their work for product reviews can contact the XYZ website team at [email protected]. The e-mail will be received by our team within three days. They will then contact the individual and provide guidance.


The digital economy has made reviews more valuable, and ecommerce platforms have prompted demand for real product reviews.


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