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Update Wotlk Classic is just around the corner. The previous version was very popular, so Blizzard decided to release an update. The update will add many new options, ranging from achievements to toys. As you understand, there will be many new items, but to get them you will need to sweat a lot. But how to quickly raise to a level at which you can start an exciting adventure, get a lot of new items, and not engage in a tedious leveling up. For this you can buy Wotlk boost. In this case, you will get level 70, additional gold, cool items of equipment and a flying mount. It is obvious that in order to provide the Wotlk Classic boost subscription WoW.

What will be the improvements?

By purchasing this package, the gamer will receive an increase in the level of his hero to 70, additional enhanced equipment, an improved riding skill and a mount. Another nice bonus is a toy that helps you call a fishing companion. 

The epic will include all the components of the heroic update, and additionally, your character will become the owner of the Kalu’ak Whalebone to move around the universe. We’ll talk a little more about the improvements later in the article.

WOW Wotlk Classic update release date

In this legendary add-on you will be able to explore Northrend – expanses filled with ice. In this location the main enemy for you will be King-Lich. He controls all the undead of his Ice Kingdom. To begin an exciting dive into Wrath of the Lich King Classicsubscription World of Warcraft and game time. 

The entire update will be released at the same time everywhere: 

in America it will be seen on September 26 at 3 pm, gamers from Europe will immerse themselves in the game on September 27 at 12 am, in Korea the patch will be available on September 27 at 7 am.

Northrend Hold – Heroic

This is an upgrade that grants you a level 70 character boost. This will allow the hero (anyone but the knight) to go on an adventure in Northrend. Also buying Wotlk boost , the character will have his own animal – Penguin Pebble and a special toy Lucky. The latter summons a companion of your hero for fishing. 

What will be in the epic improvement? 

Everything that was presented earlier, a whole month of playing time and two flying vehicles. 

After purchasing a boost, you will also be equipped with new equipment after completing the quest.

Will significant changes be applied in the update? 

Yes, and again yes, this is just one of the incredible WoW. Each of the sites will be incredibly beautiful due to the contrast of nature.

You have a real opponent and protagonist. Almost from the very beginning, you will meet the main enemy the Lich and learn about the disaster in the Northrend. Completing quests , you will constantly encounter opponents and try to save this land. The landscape of this location has been improved and now looks fantastic. Also good news for every gamer will be the long-awaited specialization of 2 talents. This will allow you to use two skills at and easily switch between them.


If you want to immediately immerse yourself in the updated world, but at the same time there is no desire to spend weeks improving skills, leveling up and collecting equipment, contact our company and get professional boosting from experienced players.

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