Women’s world cup standing Update and Everything You Need To Know

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is an international association football competition contested by the senior Women’s National Teams. Over 24 teams were set to face off the Women’s World Cup, which started from 7th June 2019 to 7th July 2019. There was 52 matches played in nine different stadiums. The competitions have been held every four years since 1991.World Cup

There were two stages-

  1. The group stage- In this, the teams is grouped into four teams, the teams which scores more points get qualifies.
  2. Knockout stage- Those teams which get the highest scores in the group stage enter in Knockout stage.

 Women’s world cup standings 2019

World Cup

The tournament as expected is one of the toughest and also most competitive one. The 2019 tournament was the football match, it was the eighth final of FIFA Women’s World Cup.

In final two teams were qualified that was Netherlands and United States. The united states were won by 2-0 and fourth Women’s World Cup title. As the united states is the most winning and most successful teams in the football, they have won four plumpic gold medals followed by Germany. Japan and Norway.

For the semi-final US played against England and won with 2-1 score. And then won with Nether-land with 2-0 scores, winning the fourth Women’s World Cup title.

Groups of Women’s World Cup 2019World Cup

Group A

Position Teams
1 France
2 Norway
3 Nigeria
4 South Korea

Group B

Position Teams
1 Germany
2 Spain
3 China PR
4 South Africa

Group C

Position Teams
1 Italy
2 Australia
3 Brazil
4 Jamaica

Group D

Position Teams
1 England
2 Japan
3 Argentina
4 Scotland

Group E

Position Teams
1 Netherlands
2 Canada
3 Cameroon
4 New Zealand

Group F

Position Teams
1 United States
2 Sweden
3 Chine
4 Thailand

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