BTS is a prominent male K-pop group that has lately gained a lot of attention in the United States. They appeared on shows including America’s Got Talent, Central Park, The Ellen Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and the American Music Awards, among others (AMAs).

Their supporters are known as ARMYs, and they have a history of participating in #ARMYSelcaDay. Every first Tuesday of the month, fans participate by tweeting a Selca of themselves next to a picture of their bias (their favourite BTS member), standing similarly to the idol.BlackOutBTS

However, it appears that among the fandom, there is a group of ARMYs that are usually overlooked. Unfortunately, it appears to be the case with the black ARMYs.

What is #BlackOutBTS, and How is it Formed?

Some ARMYs are constantly observed believing that K-pop music isn’t designed for black people, and toxic members are regularly seen stating things like “keep to your style of music.”

What is #BlackOutBTS, and How is it Formed?

Of course, this is a sexist remark. Music is universal, and anybody should be able to listen to anything they choose. As a result, #BlackOutBTS was born. On July 15, 2019, the hashtag #BlackOutBTS trended on Twitter, and it was created to honour black ARMYs (BTS fans) while also enabling them to express their appreciation for BTS’ prejudice.

#BlackOutBTS is a concept similar to #ARMYSelcaDay. It initially trended on February 28, 2018, as a means for black ARMYs to commemorate Black History Month’s conclusion and their shared love of BTS.

This hashtag is part of a BTS ARMY initiative to promote its black supporters, representing a segment of the community that is frequently overlooked.

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