Halle Berry is an American actress who has been a model for a major part of her life and had won many pageants. She has been a lead in many hit movies including BoomerangThe Flintstones and Bulworth . She hit the limelight due to her third separation from Olivier Martinez. The actor has been married to three men and none of her marriage worked for long.

Halle’s Career

The actress is a recipient of  Academy Award for Best Actress for her exquisite performance in the romantic drama film Monster’s Ball. She was also seen in X- Men and John Wick Chapter 3. She also starred in Gothika a psychological thriller. She has appeared in music videos, dramas and songs. She was the main lead in the movie Catwoman . She was one of the cast members in Their Eyes Were Watching God .

Why Halle Berry Separation With Olivier Martinez Took Place Know The Full Story

Halle Berry Separation With Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry saw David Justice on TV in a basketball game. She exchanged her number with him by sending message through a reporter. The couple grew their relationship and married each other in 1993. But unfortunately, they got seperated in 1996 and Berry went through a lot of mental health issues during time time and even considered taking her own life. But the couple eventually got divorced in 1997 followed by a restraining order against Justice.

In 2001, she married her second husband Eric Benet, a singer and songwriter. She went under a sex addiction treatment and therefore got separated from her husband in 2003. Eric and Halle got a legal divorce in 2005.

Why Halle Berry Separation With Olivier Martinez Took Place Know The Full Story

Halle Berry dated Gabriel Aubry and gave birth to her first child with him. In 2010, they announce their separation and had to fight for the custody of their daughter. The couple had a tuff at Berry’s house when her request was denied by the court.

In 2012, Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez got engaged. After an year, they got married in France and were blessed with a son. But the fate did not approve Hale’s third marriage too and so she got seperated in 2015 and were divorced in 2016. According to the sources, it has been reported that the main reason for their separation was the clashing priorities and head strong anger between the two.

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