Why do most users prefer to Migrate from G-Suite to Office 365?

Do you prefer Google’s G Suite or Microsoft Office 365? Both are productivity suites but with different strengths. This might sound like an innocent question on the surface, but it can quickly become complex.

In all honesty, while it is true that the way you use Office and Docs is superficially opposite, they are also not identical on the backend. G Suite is a pretty decent platform as well, but that doesn’t mean you can stop using it now.

One potential solution for this is Office 365, although you should do your research and figure out if this is the best solution. There are plenty of articles that can provide more info on why you need to Migrate from Google Workspace to Office 365, but these 3 benefits of migration will help you to get started.

Top reasons to migrate to Office 365:

Reduced Price

Of course, price is a key factor for companies looking to optimize their collaboration and productivity suites. As your business and team grow, even a difference of $1 per user per month can have a significant impact on your budget.

Here, Google relies on simple pricing. With just three levels, you can see exactly where you are. But it also comes with a lack of flexibility. Office 365 doesn’t go into a tier that doesn’t meet your needs. Instead, you can find prices specifically tailored to businesses like yours. As a bonus, this price difference only increases in favor of Office if you choose to use only web apps on the platform.

Enhanced Scalability

A unique goal of most enterprises is scalability. Simply put, the software solution you implement should be able to grow with your business and solve the same kinds of situations without adding new complexity, regardless of how many users are connected to the solution.

This is where Office 365 beats G Suite. Scalability is built into the design, and centralized management and security features allow you to manage your entire workforce from one central station. Additionally, the Teams chat tool offers a valuable competitor to Slack that seamlessly integrates with Office apps that have no direct equivalent on Google’s side.

Better Security 

As your business grows, data security becomes an increasingly important issue. You can’t afford to suffer significant data loss from phishing or other types of online theft. That’s why running your productivity suite on software that didn’t reveal any vulnerabilities the last time one of its leading platforms was attacked. is not recommended.

Compare this to Microsoft, which spends over $1 billion a year protecting its own (and customers’) data. Office 365 comes with built-in spam and virus protection from Microsoft, including natural data encryption that makes files harder to crack. Microsoft also offers its own Cloud Desktop Service which lets you access your business data from anywhere with great security.


Office 365 has more features compared to G Suite and thus, you need to start your users off with the features that are relevant to them. For example, web applications and Microsoft Teams. If you’re still confused, there are hosting and migration companies like Apps4Rent that help people make up their minds about whether Microsoft or G-Suite is right for them by comparing the features of these platforms. These providers are also professional Azure Backup Service specialists who are often able to avoid the headaches that trouble other migrations and can help you save lots of time and money.

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