Why Did NASA Delays Mars helicopters Ingenuity’s 1st Flight to April 14

Recently, NASA has delayed the Mars Helicopters Ingenuity’s first flight to 14 April. Earlier, Mars helicopters activity was scheduled to take place on 11 April however after Mars helicopter Ingenuity’s last inspection ended NASA decided to reschedule the vehicle’s first flight.

Statement By NASA On Postponing Mars helicopters flight

The statement was released by NASA on Saturday which said that on the basis on Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Data received late Friday, the agency has decided to rescheduled the first experimental flight of Ingenuity Mars Helicopter after 14 April. Apart from this the agency also stated that Ingenuity will be positioned on Mars’s surface at least till 14 April, Wednesday.

Why Did NASA Delays Mars helicopters Ingenuity's 1st Flight to April 14

Apart from this the statement read, ‘ The sequence ended early during the transition from ‘Pre-Flight’ to ‘Flight’ mode at the time of high speed spin test. However the vehicle is safe and healthy.’ Apart from this the helicopter team is working in order to review telemetry as to diagnose and understand the issue, according to which the high-speed test will be rescheduled.

Mars helicopters Ingenuity: The Milestone

Ingenuity already landed on the Mars’s surface on 18 February. After the rover gets positioned at it’s landing site in Jezero Crater in order to find an airfield for the historic flight of the helicopter. Also, after the craft landed on it’s position the rover plays the critical role of unfolding and deploying the 4-lb. (1.8 kilograms) helicopter. However, the Ingenuity has to achieve milestones which includes surviving the cold Martian night on its own, powered by energy its solar panels harvested.

The team has already tested the helicopter’s blade at a low speed, just 50 revolutions per minute. Where as on Friday the team did the trail of blades at full speed resulting in cut short of the watchdog timer, followed by decision of delaying of Mars helicopters Ingenuity’s first Flight by NASA.

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