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Did you know that the monument Georgia Guide stone was damaged in Elbert County? You want the full details about the monument. Are you aware of the ten guiding principles on the stone? You can read the following article to find out more.

People living in the United Statesand Canada would like to find out the cause of the explosion. The monument is a landmark in America and the reason for the bombardment seems suspicious. We have some information on Who Made the Georgia Guidestones? Let us move into details.

Georgia Guidestones

Robert Christian, who was a pseudonym, constructed the monument in June 1979. He constructed the monument using six high-quality granite stones. Also, he wrote guidelines for human use.

The monument, which is located in Elbert County Georgia, is called “American Stonehenge”. Ten principles were created by the creator of the monument. They estimate that there would be disasters in the world, both economically and nuclear. On July 6, 2022, the monument was destroyed by an anonymous source. Safety reasons prompted the officials to dismantle the monument. The Georgia Guidestones Documentary is searched worldwide by people all over the world.

Let’s make light of this incident and share some guidelines about how the monument was created. During the initial investigation, officials discovered an unidentified car at the scene. The monument was then bombarded. The exact cause of the explosion is unknown.

We’ll learn some information about the ten principles he taught humanity. The monument stands 20 feet tall and has more than 4,00 written letters. The capstone is engraved in eight languages: English, Hindi Arabic, Hebrew, Russian and traditional Chinese.

Georgia Guidestones Text

The text also includes:

  • To maintain a constant balance with nature, humankind should not exceed 500,000,000
  • For the sake of diversity and fitness, it is important to use reproduction sensibly.
  • Should unite all people through a living, new language.
  • With tempered reason, faith, passion and tradition must be imposed.
  • To protect the nation, judges and laws must be fair.
  • Avoid unnecessary officials and petty legislation.
  • All nations have the right to rule themselves, but international disputes must be resolved by the global court.
  • Personal rights and social obligations must be balanced
  • Infinite truth, beauty, love for seeking harmony.
  • Be a good neighbor and help the Earth.

Let’s learn more about The Georgia Guidestones.

The explosion was heard by people near the monument in the early morning at 4:00 AM. A video showing the light striking the ground before the explosion that followed the fall of the stone tablet was released. Kandiss and other conspiracy theorists believe the incident was caused by God. Such destructive acts must be prosecuted and punished.

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The article includes information on the Georgia Guidestone explosion as well as the ten guidelines engraved onto the monument. Click here for further updates

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