In the underneath post, we will talk about Who Is Playing Drums for Foo Warriors after the demise of Taylor Hawkins.

Do you know the popular Taylor Hawkins of Foo Warriors, the band? He is one of the most popular drum players in the Foo Contenders band. Individuals of Brazil and the US know him well indeed.

Since the passing of Hawkins, there have been no shows by the Foo Warriors, so presently the musician has chosen to proceed with their band without Hawkins. As the band chose to proceed, individuals inquisitively needed to realize Who Is Playing Drums for Foo Contenders. To know the subtleties of another individual from Foo, read the post till last.

Who will play the Drums for the Foo Flights band?

As of late, the band declared that they would proceed with the Foo Contenders after Taylor, however the band hasn’t reported that new drummer. Certain individuals guarantee that Rufus Tiger Taylor, the child of Sovereign Drummer Roger Taylor, could be the band’s new drummer.

Be that as it may, the band has no authority proclamation about who will play the drums. In any case, when we have much familiarity with the new musician or his Memoir, we will tell you.

Who is Rufus Tiger Taylor?

Rufus Tiger Taylor is the child of Sovereign Drummer Roger Taylor. Tiger Taylor combat against his dad on the “Sovereign + Adam Lambert” shows in 2011. Besides, he likewise supplanted Emily Dolan Davies in The Obscurity in 2015. Beginning around 2015 he has been an individual from The Dimness musical gang.

There is the likelihood that Tiger could supplant Taylor Hawkins in the Foo Warriors band, however there is no affirmation from the musician. From that point forward, individuals have been interested to know further about Rufus Tiger.

Rufus Tiger Taylor’s Wikipedia

Individuals are guaranteeing that Taylor could be the following individual from Foo Warriors, so individuals are interested to be familiar with him. In this way, here is some significant data about him.

  • Full Name Rufus Tiger Taylor
  • Scratch Name NA
  • Date of Birth 8 Walk 1991
  • Spot of Birth London, Joined Realm
  • Parents Roger Taylor (Father), Debbie Leng (Mother)
  • Profession Musician
  • Education School drop out at age 16
  • Nationality British
  • Conjugal Status Single
  • Zodiac Sign Pisces
  • Siblings 4 (Tigerlily Taylor, Rory Eleanor Taylor, Felix Luther Taylor, Lola Daisy May Taylor)
  • Height 6ft 11ins
  • Weight 100kgs
  • Eyes Brown eyes
  • Age 31

What is his yearly pay?

Beginning around 2015 he has been an individual from The Haziness musical gang, so his Net Worthis $1 million.


The Foo Warriors declared that they kept on performing interestingly after the demise of Taylor Hawkins. In any case, the musical crew hasn’t reported who will supplant Hawkins in the impending show.


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