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Fans are looking forward to White Lotus Episode 6. The series is a satirical sitcom created by Mike White. It depicts a group of wealthy vacationers and the personnel who attend them at the same-named hotel in Hawaii. The limited series consists of six 54-minute episodes. #thewhitelotus

Release Date of White Lotus Episode 6

On HBO, The White Lotus Episode 6 will premiere on August 15, at 21:00 ET. One day later, on August 16, the episode will be accessible on HBO Latino and HBO Max On-Demand, all at the same time.

white lotus episode 6

Where can you stream White Lotus Episode 6 online?

The White Lotus Episode 6 will air on HBO and HBO Max, as previously stated. On the same day, viewers can watch the Directv and Spectrum episodes. Canadian subscribers to the OTT platform Crave will see the episode on the same day it airs in the United States. Beginning August 16, bingeing subscribers in Australia will be able to watch the episode. You may also view this on Amazon Prime and Hulu if you have the HBO Add-on.

 White Lotus Episode 6 Spoilers

Belinda may learn in the episode Departures that Tanya has opted not to pursue their business venture. Rachel may go to the spa and discuss her marriage with Belinda. Tanya will be able to start dating Greg once the departure date arrives. Kai will very certainly be caught for breaking into the Mossbacher family’s room, but she may choose not to tell authorities that Paula was involved so she can return to her rightful place.

white lotus episode 6

Shane will very certainly contact the general manager to inform him about his conflict with Armond. Armond could be dismissed as a result of this. Armond can try to drown his grief with booze and drugs now that he has lost virtually everything. He might pay a visit to Shane’s room later in the evening to leave an unpleasant surprise.

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