Know who voted against Roe during the case regarding right to abortion? The right to choose to abort after 15 week of pregnancy has been challenged. The United States Canada , and United Kingdom countries are eager to see the results. Unfortunately, most voters voted for the law to ban abortion after 15 weeks. This contradicts Roe. Keep checking this article for The Case in which the Justices Voted to Overturn Roe

Why are the news hot?

There has been constant debate over the ban on abortion within 15 weeks and the Roe contradictory that allowed abortion within 24 weeks. The Roe amendment allows for abortion where the foetus is almost visible from outside the body. It also allows the foetus to survive outside the womb. This report showed that six justices voted to keep the ban in place, but the majority of the five judges supported Roe Vs. Wade. Chief Justice John Roberts (with Justice Samuel Alito), Justice Clarence Thomas (with Justice Neil Gorsuch), Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Justice Amy Coney Barett and other Justices voted.

Which Justices Voted To Overturn Roev Wade ?

Chief Justice John Roberts supported a 6-3 majority. He also criticised the other five judges, stating that they had gone too far with their decisions. The court’s decision overruling Roe’s point-of-view would have serious implications for the legal system. Alito claimed that Roe & Casey must be overruled. He also stated that there was no decision regarding abortion and that the constitution doesn’t protect it. Alito stated that the reason for the decision was weak and could have serious consequences on the entire judiciary.

Details What Justices Voted to Reject Roe

The Supreme Court’s decision ruled against legalized abortion for nearly 50 years. However, many people did not know the names of the judges who helped the court arrive at this conclusion. Clarence Thomas was the longest-serving judge and voted along with his fellow members. But, he later changed his mind and said it would impact many other aspects of the matter. Alito asked him to clarify that the decision is based solely on abortion for the fetus. It is extremely unlikely that it will cause any harm to other issues. This article answers Who Voted to Overturn Roe v Wade. We also request that others do the same.

Anyone who isn’t aware of this matter can get the latest to find out whereabouts.


While the case is now one of the most well-known, many do not know the identities of the judges. Only Justice Thomas was recognized by the people. We tried to identify all judges by their names to help the public know who is in charge of this case.


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