Which AirPods model should you buy in 2022?

If you like wireless headphones, then Apple’s AirPods is a great choice. Apple continuously upgrades its products, even Airpods also, so it is difficult to choose the right model. You can find this apple products in different colours. Though black and white coloured Airpods mostly available in the market, you can find other colour variants. Many females do not prefer black or white coloured Airpods, and they pick the product which is compatible with their personality. Here we will compare all models to find the best AirPods for you. Another thing we need to mention here is that you need to protect your AirPods with the charging cases. But how do you protect the charging cases? You need Airpods cases for this. It can protect the charging cases from scratch and any kind of damage.

AirPod 2 or 2nd Generation Model

It is the Apple 2nd Generation AirPods, and popular as the AirPods 2. They are the closest to the first generation AirPods which were introduced in the year 2016. AirPods 2 comes with a few great features that were not included in first models, such as higher quality sound and better Siri integration.

Even if you find the new first model, there is no reason to buy it over the 2nd generation model. Whatever is included in the first AirPod, is featured in AirPods 2. The 2nd generation model is ideal for you, if you are looking for portable in-ear headphones, but you should not find the features which are come with AirPod pro or 3rd Generation Model.

Apple AirPods 3 or 3rd Generation Model

Apple has updated its non-pro AirPods range with the latest AirPods 3 model. Its earbuds come with Apple’s latest Spatial Audio technology, along with other improvements.

Due to the Spatial Audio technology, 3rd generation AirPods model gains popularity. Even people are extremely impressed by the method that Apple has used for adding this feature.

The AirPod 3 is quite expensive than the prior 2 models. Some important features are absent in this model, like active noise cancellation is not featured, and it comes without silicone ear tips for custom fit.

It is perfect for those persons who are looking for headphones with better audio quality without ANC feature. The spatial audio feature, that is able to make videos sound perfect and you feel that you are present in the scene. It also introduces a new feature that is adaptive audio EQ.

It features force sensor control that is another effective feature of it. The best part of AirPod 3 is that they’re waterproof and sweat proof. AirPods 3 are sweat and water-resistant.

AirPods Pro Model

AirPods Pro includes various features that make them the most popular products of Apple. They provide the better sound quality and different options to customize the features according to your needs. Its earbuds are adjustable in different ear sizes.

AirPods Pro is an upgraded version of Apple’s AirPod 2. The previous model does not include some useful aspects like active noise cancellation. adjustable ear tips, water-resistant etc. Even the audio quality of the original AirPod is poor. So, Apple has brought the Airpods Pro to the market.

These AirPods Pro have an active sound cancellation feature but this feature does not work in the same way as it works in Airpod Max.

The same microphones which are used in the upgraded versions, is packed with AirPod Pro. But ANC (Active noise cancellation) is not working properly. You can hear the surrounding noise, though you wear it.

The Pro model features a superior dynamic range amplifier as well as a customized Apple driver that results in high-quality sound. They also have the surround sound effect, and spatial audio that can be adjusted according to the movement of your head.

AirPods Max Model

Next we will discuss another Apple AirPod lineup, the AirPods Max. It has some useful features that make it distinct from other AirPods. 

AirPods Pro and AirPods 3 are in-ear headphones, and come with different ear tips for comfortably fit in the ear of each person. But AirPods Max is designed in a different way.

The AirPods Max is popular among those who do not like in-ear headphones. It has a larger sound quality which you find in AirPod 2,  AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro.. Other additional features such as Siri integration, spatial audio and adaptive EQ are included, like the other versions.

AirPods Max is quite expensive, but it is justified according to its features.

Wrapping Up

Here we have included all the Apple AirPods line up apart from the 1st generation of this product. According to your budget and requirements you pick one of them. AirPods are more convenient to use on Apple devices. If you use all the devices from Apple like MacBook to iPhone, then AirPods are a good choice. But If you’re constantly switching between different platforms (such as Android, Apple and Windows), then buying an AirPod is not a perfect decision.

Of course, AirPods aren’t the only devices that offer excellent sound quality. Different brands bring similar products which include better sound quality along with other useful features.

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