1. Hiroyuki Takei’s manga Shaman King gave birth to anime of the same name. The love the manga received, gave the creators an idea to adapt the story into an anime as well.  The anime is currently airing and total nineteen episodes have been released. In this article, we’ll tell you everything that you need to know about the upcoming episode, episode 20.

The show is filled with supernatural elements. The key themes is of shamans and battles. In order to get in contact with the great spirit, everyone is contesting to win and gain power of the world. Fans love reading and watching the series and everyone has their own favourite characters.

Shaman King Chapter 20 Release Date

Exactly a week from now, the 20th episode will be available on our screens. Next Thursday (according to IST), that is on 26th of August, the twentieth episode, titled Chocolove’s Christmas, will be airing across the globe.

Owing to its popular demand world wide, the episode is available in English subtitles or with dubbed audio as well. So just seven days to go before the fans can enjoy the next instalment.

Watch Shaman King Chapter 20, Online

All the 52 episodes of the series will be aired on Netflix. Currently, nearly 20 episodes have been released, rest 32 episodes might release in another sets of seasons. However, whats certain is that officially all of these will be released on Netflix.

Where To Watch Shaman King Episode 20 Release Date, Trailer And Everything You Need To Know

There’s a possibility that the pirated or unofficial airing of the anime is also done, as not everyone has subscription to Netflix. In this case, the episodes will also be available on many other sites as well.

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