Where To Get “Fallout 76: Gauley Mine” Code For Key Lock?

When playing Fallout 76 Wastelanders, you will come across an area known as Gauley Mine while searching for the Overseer. However, while following the algorithm, you will eventually get stuck as you will require a code to unlock the locked room. So, in this article we will provide you the Key Code of Fallout 76 Wastelanders Gauley Mine.Fallout 76: Gauley Mine

Where The Fallout 76: Gauley Mine Is Located?

Chances are you will be able to come across Gauley Mine shortly after starting the Fallout 76. It is in the area where Slocum’s Joe and Arktos Pharma are located. The Mine is inhabited by Scorched. The location is unremarkable but deep into the Mine is a locked cage. You must find the code to unlock it.

Fallout 76: Gauley Mine

Where To Find The Gauley Mine Key Code?

You will have to search for a side tunnel in the Gauley Mine to find the code. And then you need to go through it until you reach catwalk  with a set of supply cage near by it. In one of the cage with the broken door, you will be able to get the Gauley Mine code. For convenience, the Gauley Mine key code is provided:

  • 071990

Fallout 76: Gauley Mine

By entering this code you will able to access the supply cage and raid the items. This area doesn’t need much exploration so after the loot, you can move on without any further delay.

What Is Inside The Fallout 76: Gauley Mine Cage?

Fallout 76: Gauley Mine

The supply cage consist of various types of junk items, along with a raider chest piece and some explosives. You will also be able to access a new TD Card-locked door kept in there as a part of the new Wastelanders update. You should be able to unlock it later eventually as a part of the main quest related to Wayward Bar.

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