The majority of the world population depends on the internet for essential communication, yet this global connection gets affected by outages that range from complex to something mundane. It doesn’t matter if the internet service provider is a big company or a small one, these are all susceptible to internet downtime. This means that there is some problem that is preventing a connection to the internet, however, it doesn’t mean that the internet as a global connection is affected. Hence, when you receive an error message which states that your internet cannot be connected, it doesn’t refer to the failure of the internet as a worldwide connection; rather, it is referring to the problem at the local level. The reasons behind the internet downtime will be discussed in this article. 

The internet connectivity issues can be categorized into the following;

Local Issues. Often there is a problem with the localized equipment that interferes with the connection such as cables that are unplugged, glitches in the software, hardware failure in the system, etc. It could be any of these, however, these can be easily fixed. Unplugged cables can be plugged in again, software can be upgraded to bypass the glitches. Viruses or malware can also prevent internet connection, however, that can be avoided with any antivirus or antimalware programs. Also, read about Local Digital Business.

Regional Issues. Such issues are materialized outside your home but still nearby, however, they are out of your control. These can be caused by severe weather changes, power outages, physical damage to data centers, etc. 

Service Providers Issues. When there is no fault in our systems or changes in the weather, the most likely option after this is the service providers. The errors from their end can be system configuration, software failure, power outages, database failure, hardware failure, system overload, etc. 

Many internet service providers have programs through which you can test the status of internet connections around the country. For instance, Comcast Xfinity, which is one of the largest internet service providers in the US, has a support webpage where you can locate nearby outages. Or you can simply dial the Xfinity phone number to inquire about connectivity issues. 

What to Do When the Internet is Down?

When your internet is down, the following are some of the possible solutions that you can try to prevent any future interference;

  • Check Devices. The first thing you need to do whenever your internet is down is to check whether all of your devices are facing the same issue. You might also need to disconnect and reconnect again, or try on the troubleshooting options from your devices to locate, if any, flagged issues.
  • Reboot Router. Another thing you can try is rebooting the router; try turning it off and on again. This reboot will fix the drop in your internet connection that you are experiencing. Maybe the router was overheated and was due to a reboot.
  • Move closer to Router. The signal strength of your Wi-Fi connection might have dropped or been particularly weak. If there is a single bar, it doesn’t provide a strong connection as compared to when there are four or five bars. Hence, make sure your devices are located closer to the router.
  • Use Ethernet cables. The wired connections also allow for a secure and uninterrupted internet connection. You can plug your laptop into the router, 
  • Reduce Household Reliance. All of the devices in your home might be connected to the home network connection, however, this could be having an impact on the connection. If there are too many devices being used, it could put a damper on the network connection. Hence, it would be a great idea to disconnect all the devices that do not need an internet connection. 
  • Use Mobile Hotspot. When you don’t have a working internet connection, you can switch to your mobile data connection and create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot or tethering. Other smart devices can connect to the same Wi-Fi to get access to the internet.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a large-scale data center or a small home user, internet outages are inevitable. However, for every internet outage, there is a solution. The best way to have a smooth working internet is to sign up for a dedicated internet service and choose an internet package that is designed to meet the browsing needs of all your devices collectively. 


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