Have you recently pondered how your website adds value to your brand or business? If the answer to this question revolves around “it’s not doing great or not helping the business that much,” keep reading.

When was the last time you updated your website? Read this article to learn why website development is an ongoing process and how a company that knows your business can be significantly helpful.

Why is a website important

In today’s world, the internet is the most cost-effective way to advertise your business to the world and convey your brand message to potential customers. However, just any website won’t do. 

In a competitive world, where the average customer is bombarded with multiple choices, you compete with thousands, if not millions, of websites vying for their attention.

Consider it like this! If you are getting ready for an important interview, you will search through your wardrobe to look for the most presentable outfit and opt for the most appropriate one. The wrinkled or outdated old clothes will most likely not make the cut. The same is the case with websites.

You want to present your brand in a way that appeals to the customers, is up-to-date, appealing, and, most importantly, relevant. An outdated site with obsolete content will negatively impact how people perceive your brand, and they will turn away, never to look back. As a business, you do not want that. 

Reasons why you need to focus on website development now

Therefore, just having a website is not enough. Your website must look good and present information in an accessible and clear manner. Your site must help create a strong first impression and make the visitors think they have found what they were looking for.

Competing for the attention of your potential customers alongside a myriad of businesses like yours is exhausting. But luckily, website development can help ease the burden and get you a step ahead of the others. A reliable partner like Agency Media can facilitate you in creating a website that keeps you relevant and showcases your brand to your audience the way you want to.

That being said, if you have not been able to get results from your website, here are a few aspects you need to consider to assess if it is time to update your website. 

Your website doesn’t stand out

If it has been a while since you launched your site, it may be designed around a style or aesthetic that was cool or modern around that time and is not so anymore. The design, feel, and layout may be redundant and not appeal to the customer anymore. If that is the case, there is a high chance; your site will be lost amidst the sea of competitor sites having a fresher look. 

Thus you need a website design that reflects the true essence of your brand and is modern to appeal to the customers and make you stand out.

You have rebranded

The business world is constantly evolving, and depending on the nature of your industry, you may want to rebrand yourself to reflect your evolution and adaption to new trends. If you have undergone that change, your website must reflect and advocate it.

The technology is outdated; low loading speed and a lack of mobile support

Even if your website’s design has a certain old-school charm, its functionality might be another story. There is a constant shift in the digital realm, and technology is evolving continuously. New tools and standards are introduced regularly, and customer tastes and preferences change accordingly. 

So, if you had invested in website development a few years ago and not considered updating it, it may not only look outdated in the visual sense but may also be behind in terms of functionality.

 It may not function well on certain devices or have a slow loading speed. For instance, if the site is not mobile-friendly, the ever-growing number of mobile users will not be able to navigate your site with ease. 

These issues can be very off-putting for customers who have better choices available. So if you want your website to add value to your business, you not only need to focus on the visual presentation and design but also focus on its functionality.

Agency Media offers website development services that perfectly blend practicality and modern trends, focusing on web design, SEO, and a convenient and efficient user interface.

You have security concerns

Hacking has been around for quite some time, and any website can become a victim. However, if you have an old website, it might rely on redundant technology, increasing the risk of a security breach. Having your website hacked and losing all your information or building it all from scratch can be distressing.

It is important to incorporate the right security measures during website development and ensure you have updated security protocols to ward off unwanted hackers.

You have a high bounce rate 

Regardless of how much you have invested in the design, content, SEO, and overall marketing to increase traffic to your site, if you have a high bounce rate, you are losing potential clients, who will quickly switch to a better-performing site. 

A high bounce rate is indicative of a problem. You need to assess where the issue lies, whether your site’s navigation, content or overall look or feel. While there may be multiple ways to reduce your bounce rate, a website redesign may be very helpful. Agency Media can offer expert advice and assistance in UX and UI and help device measures that can increase your conversion rate.

You need to incorporate new applications and features

If your website template is outdated, it may not be able to keep up with all the new applications or plugins introduced regularly and customers like to try those out as well. 

So, if you want to integrate any new app or tool that improves the workflow or helps showcase your products in a better way, you may need to reinvest in website development.

Get website development and redesigning services today

Remember, the intention to update your site should not be for the sake of changing. Website redesigning is a significant yet intricate process requiring time and effort. Consider why you got a website in the first place.

It is where it all starts, after all. It is your means to reach out to potential customers, help them learn about you as a brand and a business, and sell your products or services. It must get them excited. Thus you must have a website that is easy to navigate and reflects who you are, what your brand portrays, and what your business is about. So, if you want a website that reflects who you are as a business and where you stand today, contact Agency Media for quality website development services.


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