When is Jagex Shutting Down OSRS?

Here’s when we think Jagex might stop supporting OSRS

For over 20 years, RuneScape has remained a popular MMO. Most games and MMOs don’t last this long. As more time goes by, players are wondering when Jagex might shut down Old School RuneScape. If you want to be very pessimistic about it, the game could shut down next year. However, a realist would know that the data shows that this game isn’t going to be shut down any time soon.

Jagex has announced that they are working on a new open-world game that will be using Unreal Engine 5. This could replace Old School RuneScape or RuneScape 3. But again, this seems unlikely, since Old School RuneScape is developed by a small dedicated team. They might not have anything to do with the new game, so support on Old School RuneScape will be unaffected.

Not to mention, Jagex had record revenue last year thanks to both RuneScape games. Not to mention it has a dedicated playerbase. Old School RuneScape still sees close to 1 million players playing a day. This is daily players, not how many are on at the same time. Either way, it is still impressive numbers.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the main question and give some insight into it.

When Is Old School RuneScape Shutting Down

Let’s jump straight into the question you want to be answered. When is Old School RuneScape shutting down for good? Whenever Jagex thinks the game is no longer profitable. There is a very slight chance they could drop it for the new game that they are working on. But as I stated, there is no reason to stop a money maker like Old School RuneScape for a game that might not succeed.

Fans of Old School RuneScape shouldn’t worry, this game is likely here to stay for a long time. The game still gets updated every couple of months or so. This includes new content and quality of life improvements. They are still putting money into this game. A company wouldn’t waste money with a game if they couldn’t make it back.

Old School RuneScape Is On Mobile

Old School RuneScape is now on mobile devices as well. You can easily link their accounts and play on whatever they prefer. All of your OSRS gold, OSRS items, and characters will still be intact like normal. The release of Old School RuneScape on mobile also increased its playerbase by a good amount. The mobile gaming industry is a behemoth because of how easy it is to download and install a game with ease. You can also play anywhere you at, as long as you have a stable connection.

The same can’t be said if you have a PC or laptop. A laptop can still take up a bit of space and take time to set up. Why pull out your laptop from your backpack, when you can quickly pull out your phone from your pocket? If you are on a PC, the only way you are playing is at your house. With more players on mobile, it also means more money.

RuneScape Has Record Revenues

Based on a press release, Jagex and RuneScape are seeing record revenues and high player numbers. They have reached several key milestones with the RuneScape franchise. The RuneScape franchise now has whopping 1.2 million members. This applies to RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape as both of them share the same subscription. Considering that Old School RuneScape has twice as many players as RuneScape 3, it is likely a majority of the members are more interested in Old School RuneScape.

“Old School RuneScape achieved its highest ever concurrent player number of more than 170000,” says Jagex. Having 170,000 players at one time is an incredible achievement for a game so old. Having this many players is also great revenue for Jagex because of in-game bonds. Bonds are tradeable with OSRS gold so you can have membership access. A lot of players will buy bonds with real money as well and trade those to other players for OSRS GP. Most of Jagex’s revenue comes from its online membership and bond exchange.


In short, unless Old School RuneScape stops making Jagex money, it isn’t going anywhere. This is true for any game. As long as they are making a profit with it, they will continue to support the game to keep their playerbase. Not only that, more players seem to be playing Old School RuneScape than RuneScape 3. This is saying something, considering RuneScape 3 is a more casual and modern version of the MMO. There isn’t any point in worrying about something that isn’t happening anytime soon. Continue earning your OSRS GP because you are going to need it for the many years this game has left.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you think it could be replaced? Let us know all of your thoughts on the matter in the comment section.


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