What’s in store for Wise Man’s Grandchild season 2?

Japanase light novel series are very much loved worldwide, so much that the novel is often adapted into Anime Series. One such series is Wise Man’s Grandchild. Eleven volumes of the novel series have been published since 2015. A manga adaptation was illustrated from March, 2016, spreading the series more rapidly. Finally, the television series made its way in 2019.

The series is infused with magical and evil elements. As the title suggests it folows the life of a child, Shin, who is brought up by a knowledgable grandfather. The grandfather adopts the child and raises him up with all his worldly teachings. The grandchild further growps to join a school to channel his powers for greater good.

Should we expect another season?

Directed by Masafumi Tamura and written by Tatsuya Takahash, the television series had total 12 episodes. Yusuke Kobayashi voiced the protagonist Shin Wolford. Wise Man’s Grandchild or Kenja no Mago– the Japanese title of the series- paused after the completion of first season. There has been no announcement of the renewal or cancellation of the series as of now.

To almost every other Anime the major source of content is either a Light Novel, Manga or a Game Application. Similarly, Wise Man’s Grandchild‘s content comes from a novel. Since already two novel in the series have been published, it can be said that there is ample content available to produce a new season. The fans are eagarly waiting for the next season as the main plot brought up in the first season is yet to be concluded.

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