What’s all new in Hitman 3 February Patch 3.11

Recently, the developer IO interactive has announced major update of Hitman 3, patch 3.11. Although the updates will include various advancement as well as Tactical Turtleneck as an unlockable suit. The Hitman 3 was finally launched and was in stores by last month. Also, this game got many appreciations. Along with it this was a great commercial victory.

What's all new in Hitman 3 February Patch 3.11

After being available in the market, in the first week itself the company regained it’s developing cost. The squad is actually planning of mixing new maps along with old one. The basic motive might be to give their players a new feel along with familiarity. Lately, the February update of Hitman 3 was live on various platforms. The major highlight of the update was the Tactical Turtleneck as an unlockable suit. The players can achieve it from the ICA Facility by finishing The Final Test. Once the players will update the new version the locked content shall get unlocked to their goodies.

What's all new in Hitman 3 February Patch 3.11

Also, 3.11, being the first major patch, will give better management access to connectivity of Hitman 3 to IOI. Owners of Deluxe edition will receive new content this month as the implementation of the Deluxe content. The final Deluxe escalation is expected to be launched in March this year. Along with it new audio effects has been added for players trespassing in hostile areas.

As an overview Hitman3 new update includes:

  • Deluxe Content
  • Connectivity
  • Stability
  • Trophies/Achievements
  • Trespassing Agility
  • Hostile Trespass

The new update is something players have their eyes on. The achievement fix for “Reach Mastery Level 20″ might bring relief for various players using PlayStation and Xbox, PS4 and PS5. Besides this the patch size for all platforms will be somewhere between 2-3 GB. This was just a glimpse of updates and an overlook on changes.

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