What You Need To Know About PRF Injections

PRF (Platelet-rich fibrin) treatment is a revolutionary new treatment and is the second wave of PRP therapy. If you are seeking a new treatment to improve your appearance, PRF injections can help you get the look you desire. However, before going forward with the treatment, you should learn as much as possible about PRF Scottsdale treatment. The following is what you need to know about PRF injections and treatment:

How Do PRF Injections Work?

PRF injections are a form of PRP therapy that takes elements from your blood. When the blood is drawn from your body, it is put into a centrifuge but rotated slower than in a PRP (platelet-rich plasma) procedure. Due to a lack of anticoagulants, the result is that you get a gel-like substance that is abundant in platelets, stem cells, growth factors, and fibrin. When the above substances are injected into the skin, they vastly improve and make it appear more youthful.

How Long Does It Take for PRF Injections To Work?

PRF injections usually take three to four weeks before you can see their full effect. The maximum effects can be expected after six to eight weeks. However, the results can vary between people depending on how well they respond to the injections. After the four weeks, some people may notice a substantial change in their appearance, while for others, more weeks may be necessary before their skin changes completely. The results will last for months or longer before you need another PRF injection.

Benefits of PRF Injections

The following are some of the key benefits of PRF injections:

Reduces Signs of Aging

The primary benefit of PRF injections is that they make your skin appear younger. The injections will reduce wrinkles and lines on the skin, which naturally appear as you age. PRF will also reduce under-eye circles, which make you appear older than you are.


Another benefit of PRF injections, especially compared to other skin rejuvenation methods, is safety. Because it uses elements from your blood, there is little to no chance of an adverse reaction to your skin.

Stimulates Hair Growth

You can use PRF injections to stimulate hair growth in places like eyebrows where you want fuller hair. It can also help prevent or slow down hair loss in your scalp, giving you a fuller head of hair which makes you appear more youthful.

Improve Skin Health

PRF injections will improve the overall health of your skin. The elements derived from your blood and injected into your skin will give it a boost of nutrients that will help reduce dry skin and promote hair growth because your skin is healthier.

What Does The PRF Injection Procedure Entail?

First and foremost, the doctor will evaluate you to determine if you are a viable candidate for PRF injections. For example, if you have blood clotting issues, you are not a good candidate for PRF injections. You will also discuss with the doctor where you would like the PRF to be injected.

An assistant will draw blood from your body, the sample they will use to extract the necessary elements for the PRF injections. The blood will be centrifuged, and the extract derived and prepared for injection. The procedure takes between thirty and forty-five minutes. Several treatments might be necessary to get the best results.

PRF injections are becoming more popular due to their benefits and effects. They will become even more prevalent in the future so consult a PRF treatment center today for more information.

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