What year was The Jetsons set in?

Produced by Hanna- Barbara productions, the popular American Space Age sitcom originally aired in 1962 on ABC. The creators of the show had made it abundantly clear that the show was based on the future. It is an obvious fact for the fans that Geroge Jetson and his family lived in the future, although the exact year has not been disclosed by the creators.

Lesser Known Facts about The Jetsons

Promotional materials have given off the fact that the sitcom must have been set around the year 2062. This particular year was picked because it was exactly a century from the year that it originally premiered in. The show was premiered at the height of the space race when the US and the Soviet Union were competing to make it to the moon first.

The show had a single season that comprised of 24 episodes in total. Reruns were later aired starting from the fall of 1963.

What year was The Jetsons set in?

A total of 51 new episodes were produced from 1985 to 1987 via syndication as part of Hanna- Barbara’s Space age counterpart to the Flintstones. Although the creators of the show didn’t give out a lot of backstory on the cartoon family, fans have tried to figure out a lot of details over the years.

Things from the future such as flying cars that folded into briefcases, moving sidewalks,  big flat screen televisions, floating cities, video calling and the likes that were shown in the show offered an optimistic view of the future, without explicitly mentioning the dates. It was the first show to air in color, for the network and although it didn’t air for a very long time, it has managed to become deeply ingrained in pop culture.

There have been discussions about where the Family lived. Fans and critics assumed that The Jetsons lived on a different planet and not Earth based on the fact that it was a cloud based community and that the family’s phone number, according to IMDb was VENUS- 1234. Considering the fact that the first three digits of phone numbers are traditionally considered to be the exchange code associated with specific sections of cities or towns, fans theorized that the family lived on or around Venus, although these theories have never been cleared by the makers of the show.

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